Wednesday, 15 May 2013

finished albums

really pleased with these smashin little creations......just front covers to embellish.

Monday, 13 May 2013

nvc inspired journalling

i have been focused around chapter 4 of the nvc language for life for sometime now and identifying feelings and then moving onto needs is journal fodder at its is the beginnjng of my spread inspired by this.Whilst doing this i found myself reflecting on a difference of opinion my mum n i had a long time ago....she lovingly put me up on the pedestal of being totally independant in my late teens ... i think it was her goal to send me out into the world as an 'independant woman' and i can remember then expressing my heart felt need for interdependance and realising that total independance did not make me has become balanced through the years and i have a beautiful small circle of interdependant relationships in my precious life.. where these interdependant needs are reciprocally met with love ....thankyou you lovely people xxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

oh where to start....

The weekend is here nice i have a host of projects n ideas bounding through my creative mind but have settled on an ecclectic mix of activites focused around 'completion'.. am looking forward to the satisfaction i will get from that...i had a week of non completion at work ...u know u start ur day with the goal of  completing on something n then find u r the one having to catch a few of the teams juggling balls as they fall... i dont mind doing that .......but next week i will have to set some boundaries to get those personal deadlines completed to get me in the mood im completing a couple of portraits inspired by kat mcbrides workshops and also adding to my next set of little treasures albums.....yay for a little calm completion ....