Monday, 29 August 2011

A simply wonderous life.....

Oh wow i am feeling like 'home bird' and loved up Chel returned from Zambia with family stories and full of hopeful enterprise... I missed him soooo much and now he is back i feel whole boyz are bickering infront of the television i have company in the kitchen and there's lots of 'love you's' and hugs n kisses ............yes this is the life I love.... my exta-ordinarily simple life...My first good crop of cooking apples have been given away to friends and work colleagues and i have been cooking apple crumble to 'die for '...yummy yummy yummy scrummy life i love you..........

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

EOAJ Spirit Week - progress so far

It is the final guided week for Elements ....although self guided study continues and Jeanette House is available to those self studying....sooo pretty tempting to stay on....I have really enjoyed elements it's been a super journey....I have moved from passivity to a more energetic state...and some pretty great things have happened along the way.I think alongside 'my' changing 'my life' is going to change too! For this week I wanted to create pages underpinned by 'beloved angels', Michael, Chamuel, and Hadraniel .However, the quest was on to find a goddess or saint that embodied these angelic qualities for me right now. I connect with irish celtic roots...i am told there are irish family roots on my paternal side but i cannot be sure about these as my grandparents left very little 'story'.... however, I came across 'Brighid' and loved her resilience and qualities and with her in mind I created my page goddess to embody the quality i most want to see in myself, that of confidence...not human confidence from the 'ego self' but a 'divine' confidence, allowing me to express my truth when i need to, live an authentic life and accept myself and who i am ...... I loved creating this page ....the colours are not those i would usually choose to representive spirit..i tend to thinkof transparent purples, hazy/ fluffy finishes and white but my Brighid had gleaming green eyes and a ruby red flurry of hair in celtic styled knots...she is surounded by birds perching and in flight...they are free and she has an air of calm confidence about her I adore....i wish to add a mirror element to the page as i loved the idea of seeing oneself in the page mosaic mirror pieces are on their way and i'll be sticking them in my page shortly until then here she is............

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity | Video on

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity Video on

love it......... love it .............

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I've just had my very first coaching session with Effy.....oh wow i am full of hope about how the future looks for me...To have someone you respect and look up to believe in your ability to change...and then that 'amazing person' having the skills and resources to actually empower you to change and then offer to be at the side of you whilst you change... These are the first thoughts i have about what i'm about to endevour upon with guidance from Effy........thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuu for believing in my ability to grow.The start of my journey in learning how to balance my 'unbridled empathy'....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

EOAJ Fire Week

This was a great experience....The Fire emotion I chose was anger...mainly because i had an experience recently that had stirred up angry feelings ..not initially ..initially I felt tearful and self blaming but whilst trying to process the situation i became angry and because of fire week i indulged myself and actually allowed myself to express it on my pages! It has been one of the most empowering thing i've done for ages..and resulted in me feeling more alive..

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Moving on ....

I'm going to Whitby today walk by the sea and take photographs and it's a full moon tomorrow so gonna get in the right place in my head and send out some massive healing vibes....may even be able to join in with Effy's art challenge for Sunday and put it all together on an art journal page.

Friday, 12 August 2011

a variety of opinions on the riots..

It is so very sad and distressing to have heard about the rioting in big cities over Britain...some have been so very effected and there are some very strong opinions about the riots and those rioting but not a lot about the causes and how we might look at how things could change to prevent this escalating as it is likley to happen again. 'BBC three live' have had a great program enabling people to express there various opinions on the riots ...its 'young people's question time' I'm soo pleased to be hearing these sorts of debates about all the issues that underpin young people feeling so disenfranchised from society at large... it is such a massive societal issue....and a lot more complex than the politicians try to promote...there are some amazing young people... a good point was made about the out of proportion punishment some of the rioters are getting in relation to the 'non real' consequences the government have actioned against the banks and there own politicians who's 'criminal actions' have stolen billions of pounds from all of us.. The politicians need to listen instead of rushing into all these changes... there needs to be more listening full stop! one young person who has never been in trouble before was given a prison sentence for stealing 3 bottles of water costing around £3.30...lets face it he is a statistic now and his record is marked for life!I am not excusing the behaviour but perhaps the legal system is creating an even greater problem for the future having punished him in this way.. If I can get a clip of this show i will it's was passionate ...Nobody was excusing the behaviour but some were trying to understand it...and when you look at why it has happenned you realise this has been building up for sometime.. I've been feeling sooo angry recently about work issues we are all feeling it...but at least i am able to earn a living (i might be burning out with the amount of work there is but hey i've got to take control of that!) someone on the show mentioned 'economic slavery' and 'no sense of belonging to community' and the problems the 'societal culture of materialism' has resulted in...
Stop giving 'excuses' David Cameron look at the 'causes' LISTEN...TO PEOPLE...I tried to have my say in the lobby to stop nhs cuts but you just know this governemnt do not have the capacity to care they've been raised in very privileged families and educated with the elite at Eton for goodness sake they cannot possibly know about how it is to be a part of a disparate underclass (other than a distant perspective they might have studied in a social policy degree!)and lets face it they have been raised to think that they are better than most people anyway and their 'party' exists on this belief that some have to be very poor and some should be very rich......things have to change or there are going to be massive consequences..

Sidney Sheldon has some interesting things to share on you tube but it isn't possible to link to his clip (UK Riots 2011- Sheldon Thomas (Target Against Gangs) -- Gavin McKenna (Ex-Gang Member))

Kate Rusby concert

sho heen

Today i was reminded of how i love to listen to Kate Rusby 'The Barnsley Nightingale'
She is playing in York and i'm hoping my mum isn't away as i'd love to book tickets and for us to go together to see her........

Monday, 8 August 2011

Music to start Fire week EOAJ

a slow burner but a firey end ...

Water Page EOAJ

As I created my page i remember the wise guidance from Sheila fact for a moment i thought i needed her guidance again ...i remember this lovely piece about whirlpools and do you know it made so much sense to me ... I simply went down and stayed still enough to slip out at the bottom... aways a little scary on the way down but hey....i also remember my mums heart felt words of 'It will pass'..things can feel so raw so intense but 'they do pass'.

In rivers, particularly when they are flooded, in the rains,
many whirlpools are created, very powerful and strong.
The water moves round and round like a screw.
If you are caught in it,you will be forced,
pulled towards the bottom,and the deeper you go the stronger the whirl becomes.
The natural tendancy of the ego is to fight with it.Of course because it looks like death,
and the ego is very much afraid of death.
The ego tries to fight with the whirl,
and if you fight with the whirl in a flooded river,
or near a water fall where many whirls exist you are lost,
because the whirl is very strong,you cannot fight with it.
Violence won't do-
the more you fight with it the weaker you become
because the whirl keeps on pulling you,and you are fighting.
With each effort to fight you are losing energy.Soon you will be tired and the whirl will suck you downwards.
And this is the phenomenon of the whirl:
on the surface the whirl is big:the deeper you go the smaller and smaller the whirl becomes-
stronger but smaller.
and nearly at the bottom the whirl is sooo small
You can simply get out of it with no fight.
In fact the whirl itself throws you out, near the bottom.
But you have to wait for the bottom.
If you start fighting on the surface you are done,
you cannot survive.
Source: The Grass GrowsBy itself: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Friday, 5 August 2011

What has happenned to my MOJO?

I want to blub and blub and blub! i could be so very negative and just pour forth with a multitude of non useful thoughts but do need some emotional release all come from a very self defeated part of me...and the little girl part of me that was always told how little confidence she had at school..those teachers voices are so loud and clear in my head right now...yes that wee girl is still present in this 46 year old woman!I have lost my confidence in myself and my abilities and yet i kind of know i'm o.k and can be gently confident... but I have just had it verbally fed back to me after an interview......and became aware of it as i lost momentum and started to disappear into a whirlpool.. of lostness during the interview!i am sort of grateful for the learning that will come from this but hearing it from others is hard.....Hoping some life coaching with Effy and some long awaited changes in my life will move my journey forth.....EOAJ Fire week i am soooo needing you to stoke those embers and get that energy moving!I am just finishing off my Water page and will post as soon as it is completed.Thankyou for listening universe.