Friday, 5 August 2011

What has happenned to my MOJO?

I want to blub and blub and blub! i could be so very negative and just pour forth with a multitude of non useful thoughts but do need some emotional release all come from a very self defeated part of me...and the little girl part of me that was always told how little confidence she had at school..those teachers voices are so loud and clear in my head right now...yes that wee girl is still present in this 46 year old woman!I have lost my confidence in myself and my abilities and yet i kind of know i'm o.k and can be gently confident... but I have just had it verbally fed back to me after an interview......and became aware of it as i lost momentum and started to disappear into a whirlpool.. of lostness during the interview!i am sort of grateful for the learning that will come from this but hearing it from others is hard.....Hoping some life coaching with Effy and some long awaited changes in my life will move my journey forth.....EOAJ Fire week i am soooo needing you to stoke those embers and get that energy moving!I am just finishing off my Water page and will post as soon as it is completed.Thankyou for listening universe.

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