Monday, 21 May 2012

Gratitude Sunday... Intention Monday

Enjoyed sketching out my journal pages with gratitude for Sunday and Intention for my week. I love doing this as a focus for my Book Of Days.I do the odd spread with other days in mind although never manage a whole week spread ....hope to post pages later x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

29 Faces in May

above is my 'pond mermaid' ...wondered whether she was a water nymph but no she's a mermaid finding tranquil still water and sleeping amongst the water lillies until she feeling more sea worthy...

Here is Radiant Flora....she wore a crisp headdress of gorgeous seasonal flowers initially but my attempts to bring more of the gold shimmering background onto her blurred her crisp beauty a little bit I think she is a little more shimmering in real life! and i loved creating her...i want to create more flowery haired and tattoed ladies i've decided ....

This one is my favourite she's 'Purely Thought'.....simple and kind of crisp and non cluttered  I really like hows she's turned out ...

These 3 faces I completed for the challenge 29 faces in May....inspired by our everlastingly motivitating Effy in Book of Days.. When a little lost with regard to where I am going with 'arting' I find myself following water, earth, air and spirit elements (I think this is mainly inspired by what I learnt from the elements of Art Journalling course that I took in Wild Precious Studio about the same time last year). The faces are painted on gesso'd  250gms A3 cardstock (nothing too fancy in the way of paper...but it's nice to play and to create something A3 quite a liberating experience). I used graphite,watercolour pencils and coloursoft pencils, acrylic/craft paints/decorating tester paints (they have such nice colours!) and lots of metallic and shimmering acrylic inks and paints I love working with the shiny glittery mediums they are yummy and magical to play with and all silky smooth to paint with..... I hope to complete just one more face inspired by 'Spirit' and that will be my lot for the challenge....but i may be tempted to experiment with some smaller whymsical faces with BIG EYES  and quite fancy creating some ACEO's for my book of days.I've used my Book of Days to celebrate what I'm grateful for and to form 'intention' for my week recently and mainly get time to do pages on a weekend....Art journalling around 'intention' has been pretty powerful and I will share more as I practice it more xxxxxxx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weekend wantings.........

Saturday morning and the sun is shining, I have the back door open and I'm breathing in the fresh air ...its where to dash off to no stress just TIME to BREATHE...heaven on earth really.I had set myself a goal of sleeping in! but its sooo difficult for me to 'sleep in' I guess I've just mastered actually getting a good nights sleep so I shouldn't be giving myself a hard time about it.Well I want to change the plans for today i was going to challenge myself with a Zumba class ( i had felt quite energised after my lovely holiday and break from the daily slog!)but there's something tells me a long walk would be a lot more 'uplifting' and gentler on what feels like a bit of thyroiditis raising its wee head again...yep the old signs of some sort of low grade virus has haunted 'the old shores for a while' but not really been to significant, the bearable aching joints and treatable cold sores and other succinct signs that the old immune system has had to put in a bit of effort where manageable but I'm a little worried that the cummulation of these symptoms now to the dreaded hoarse and sore throat may be my body saying ....slow down give me a little bit of recoup I'm reasuring my precious body that that is what I am going to do...I'm not going to over think it I am simply going to take some action and love myself by caring about myself x

N.B A bowl of porridge later..... and I did make it to Zumba yehhhhh a first heeey gonna art now and share my finished faces of 'Radiant Flora' and 'My Pond Mermaid'

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lovin' spendin' time with the 'one i love' ...

We had such a lovely week or so together exploring and relaxing in the sunshine.........i feel so lucky and so grateful for these times.