Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weekend wantings.........

Saturday morning and the sun is shining, I have the back door open and I'm breathing in the fresh air ...its where to dash off to no stress just TIME to BREATHE...heaven on earth really.I had set myself a goal of sleeping in! but its sooo difficult for me to 'sleep in' I guess I've just mastered actually getting a good nights sleep so I shouldn't be giving myself a hard time about it.Well I want to change the plans for today i was going to challenge myself with a Zumba class ( i had felt quite energised after my lovely holiday and break from the daily slog!)but there's something tells me a long walk would be a lot more 'uplifting' and gentler on what feels like a bit of thyroiditis raising its wee head again...yep the old signs of some sort of low grade virus has haunted 'the old shores for a while' but not really been to significant, the bearable aching joints and treatable cold sores and other succinct signs that the old immune system has had to put in a bit of effort where manageable but I'm a little worried that the cummulation of these symptoms now to the dreaded hoarse and sore throat may be my body saying ....slow down give me a little bit of recoup I'm reasuring my precious body that that is what I am going to do...I'm not going to over think it I am simply going to take some action and love myself by caring about myself x

N.B A bowl of porridge later..... and I did make it to Zumba yehhhhh a first heeey gonna art now and share my finished faces of 'Radiant Flora' and 'My Pond Mermaid'

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