Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gratitude Sunday moving into 'Intention for Monday'

So today i'm filled with gratitude once again...a lovely feeling that comes about from my reflecting on all the positive things in this life and in the people around me...I checked out Effy's blog and explored some of her resources(you are an amazing inspirer Effy!)and this site led me to the focusing on some intention for next's going to be a challenging week energy wise as it is my first 5 day week for some time...but i've 'sheila' and some acupuncture to buffer my physical and emotional energy for the week and am sooo grateful for that as it gives me a confidence i can do it without an emotional meltdown response to difficult interactional happennings with certain folks or if any of my buttons are pressed to hard!I am really tolerant so when i say TOO HARD it really is usually in the case of an opinion needing to be expressed so as i am respecting myself professionally and art journalling and setting some intention is key for me today in my book of days!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nying Je.............

Whilst hunting though my lovley clutter i found poems and books i adored or had only glimpsed at.I opened this one and started to read it where it fell open....'The Ethics of Compassion' and I'd had an experience at work that i'd acted compassionatly about but inside i was questioning life and society and entertaining cynical thoughts.I chatted to chel only briefly about the concept of Nying je and the circumstances that would allow an individual to live their life fully embracing it.
Alongside struggling with my health over the last year I've lost a part of me .....I had put it down to being so low on my reserves and sooo stressed a work but i think it has been a bit of an awakening really.It has always been in my nature to be a compassionate soul ...but now the deeper belief of 'compassion for others at all costs' I has to be balanced with 'compassion for oneself'.
'If the rope breaks nine times then we must splice it back together a tenth'

Monday, 9 April 2012

i do still art..............

I had a surge of physical energy today and had to strike while the iron was hot although i am a little worried i will pay for this with a dip in my health tomorrow, Chella was more or less saying that would be the case but i thrashed around and huffed and puffed ......i cleared the attic...lovingy collected clutter was carefully plonked into bags and recycled..and i've a car full for the charity shop tomorrow!thats if i can get out of bed tomorrow .......I haven't blogged about arting for a while or posted photo's of what i am working on so i caught a quick snap of my stylized faces they are far from finished but i felt insired after watching Effy last week and cracked on with the one on the far left...i simply need to remind myself that i am a wee gal that still arts!