Monday, 9 April 2012

i do still art..............

I had a surge of physical energy today and had to strike while the iron was hot although i am a little worried i will pay for this with a dip in my health tomorrow, Chella was more or less saying that would be the case but i thrashed around and huffed and puffed ......i cleared the attic...lovingy collected clutter was carefully plonked into bags and recycled..and i've a car full for the charity shop tomorrow!thats if i can get out of bed tomorrow .......I haven't blogged about arting for a while or posted photo's of what i am working on so i caught a quick snap of my stylized faces they are far from finished but i felt insired after watching Effy last week and cracked on with the one on the far left...i simply need to remind myself that i am a wee gal that still arts!

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