Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gratitude Sunday........

What is it about Sundays that have me reflecting on the week and feeing so grateful for my life? I often feel like this on Sundays...In fact it is the wave of positive energy that makes me want to art journal and my book of days always has a spread for Sundays.......I participated in my friends fun run today........she is amazing last may doctors thought she would not pull through a massive brain haemorrhage she experienced but she has against all the 'en mass' we walked and ran around Pontefract race course our Lou was there walking, smiling coping with the 'en mass' and as usual i felt those good vibes that i always get when around Lou......n all that love just magnified my smiling heart....'those that bring sunshine to others cannot keep it to themselves'.......James Barrie

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fab FEB x

Its my dreamy day off tomorrow so this means I am able to relax a little today and truly do as I journalling and some pilates n swimming come tops!I feel as if i may have made a full recovery...however i am also aware that my body has to be listened to and needs taking good care of and that balance of sufficuent rest, alongside phyical activity and creativity is needed.I've plans to build a meditative practice into my life..set ten minutes aside to meditate in my quiet place..I am still having my day off and oh joy this has had so much to do with my regain of wellbeing so the thought of not having that day off from April is a daunting.. with some meditatiation things could be so differnet so that's my next step stoppping those busy thought and centering my energy to be able to move through the day with grace!
I am having an immense cleanse of my craft room making space and moving on items that need new homes...and also trying to change my focus to using as much recycled 'stuff' as possible.
It's a creative month with some albums already having been created and passed onto others and a commissioned set of albums that i am part way through and enjoying creating....fabulous february.