Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Recurring images in my journal

I often come to two images in my journalling ....the resonance I have with these images can be explained as a sort of lovely balance of loving awakeness and regenerative awareness......its hard to explain but i find these images with eyes open and eyes closed  a yummy yet simple symbol of where my mindfulness can be at.... i difnt get very far with ideas this day ...but inspiration came later from some friends...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My spesh week

This is such a special week....and excitement is pulsing through my veins....its a week of celebration, I'll see mum tomorrow..chels hot the day off friday...I am helping at a yoga tetreat on Saturday and seeing good friends Sunday.....today i do not have any plan other than to play lots of music and do a tidy up dance in my craft room! maybe  i will get to see a friend whom I missed ...and maybe i will hang those photos n get a new print in the frame in the front room.....I will however write in my big lifetime journal that ive kept for years and always update around the time of my birthday ....thankyou for all the blessings i get to reflect and celebrate this week.....my life, my health,my loved ones and friendships, and the love and support from the  universe xxxx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I am blessed

Have had a fab weekend with my buddy Tracy.....we shared prrcious slow flow time chatting n laughing, with her fab free spirited imaginative boyz! (they are such good company tooo) and of course a thrill of a trike ride courtesy of Steve....I am blessed n love you guyz