Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mary Oliver quotes

O.k aching n not so well physically today but the mind is willing its just the ole body that needs a rest! Pondering about how energy consuming but beautiful it is actually 'Living Life'.....not only 'breathing' but 'living'.........browsing through some of Mary Olivers poetry and quotes ther's always one in there for me.....today its... “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems

Sunday, 12 August 2012

BOD pages for the last two weeks..........

My pages from the last 2 weeks ....a shift from the working week, where restorative yoga practised almost every night helped me survive, to an absolutely heavenly week of annual leave.........the universe delivered all sorts of simple,sweet moments and opportunities that i'm sooo grateful for........

Christening my new album..........

I blessed the first pages of my new A4 Art Journal ...and kinda completed them for now..I really like playing with conte crayons and chalky pastels...it is the blending with my fingers that i totally love .....and it is always the experience and process that appeals to me ...recently i've shifted my perspective on 'AWARENESS'.After many years of perceiving awareness as having a strong focus on being about creating 'balance' and about 'self' and 'others'and 'perceptions' i am seeing it as less embodied than that! infact i'm starting to see it as more about a 'spiritual awareness' and 'connection to a higher self' .... 'the gaps between the thoughts'....open mindedness and open heartedness....still evolving.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Lisa O'Malley ART FRAME

To add to the abundant happiness i am experiencing .......i have achieved a real reshuffle of my arting space......and i've completed a frame of Lisa's ATC's and prints ...i love her magical and natural art and found these frames in a local discount shop!just great for ATC sized works of art and a5 prints!So here it is and it hangs in my art room...which is now and art and yoga room!........gonna have to keep it tidy and uncluttered! mm


I have had a beautiful week off of seeing friends and feeling sooooo well.Energy levels are pretty balanced with lots of awareness and body listening due to the yoga and meditation practice i've been completing as a daily ritual! 'Happiness is a mindset' and being in balance enough to 'quieten the busy thoughts to soak up the beauty of the simple things' ...this week the sun has shone and just feeling it bathe your back or face has been heavenly........watching children playing on the beach scooping water, digging with a look of shear focus on their faces was blissful and being with friends sharing banter laughing and just being together so heart warming......i would like to capture the moments of this week bottle them and then emmerse myself in the grateful and happy feelings they have generated for me this week .........thank you universe and my beautiful friends.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Art Journal

I've created a canvas cover out of one of the mermaid portraits for a new journal....its A4 sized and I love filling those A4 pages with portraits so I figured this Art Journal will be filled with portraits........
here is the covered journal and the original painting...........