Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Finished end of year pages

All backgrounds are layered with gorguss girl notelets I wrote on throughout the year....A 2015 of practice....making the practices that help me stay healthy and happy part of everyday life and trusting that other things will follow or emerge as they are meant to. I've a page to start my 2015 intentions on and start the year rolling.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 mini journals

Here are the 2 small albums I've chosen for some portable art journalling and mandala drawing in 2015.My word for the year ahead is ' PRACTICE' with the goal of making things that keep me healthy, emotionally well and 'happy' a daily, weekly or monthly practices. One of the big challenges for the year ahead is to bring the practice of meditation into my life.Ive tried before to do this, enjoyed it, felt the benefits but not managed to be consistent with it.... without pressure I wish to continue my mindfulness through yoga and running/walking but also bring it into my life through drawing mandalas I have 20 pages at 4 X 4 to create them and then a plan to create some coasters from them at the end of next year....soo a little creative goal tooo. Ive an openness to the  opportunities to meditate as I know they will present themselves without my having to struggle and make it very hard work.... as thinking of it as hard work creates an obstacle to my hardwiring soooo working with it in a different way.
I loved the inspiration that Journal 52 and The Documented Life Project provided and valued it soon much last year so I also have a small moleskin journal with 60 sides in concertina style pages to journal my weeks and months intentions, affirmations , reflections on achievements and savour my feelings of gratitude. I've also my other journals for larger spreads when I'm inspired to journal and art on a larger scale and delve into deeper level stuff as desired ...looking forward to enjoying the 'present' in 2015. Now the fun of prepping the covers and pages over the next few days.....more journal pages in progress using all my little reflections collected in my reasons to be grateful and positive in 2014 jar .....

Friday, 26 December 2014

Reflection into art journalling

....key to my 2014 achievements are
How focusing on love and being loved are essential to my happiness.
The importance of my close circle of friends are on all sorts levels and how I learn such a lot about myself and the world from them.
The comfort practicing gratitude has brought me.
The acceptance of ups and downs and going with their flow.
Reassurance that it is not life threatening to move out of my comfort zone and
the  boost this has given to my motivation and enthusiasm.
The body and mind confidence Ive achieved by staying flexible and building core strength through yoga and pilates and the energy boost achieved from a some return to running.
The therapeutic value and sense of achievement obtained from arting,creating, baking and sewing.
This afternoon I will let my imagination guide me through some art journal long to embody these achievements word for 2014 had been incubate and I am feeling my words for 2015 might be stronger or practice .......leaning more toward practice at the moment .....

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Solstice reflections

Such a great time for reflecting and gathering inspiration for the new year.....At the beginning of 2014 I started collecting thoughts and small personal achievements they are and tonight I will start to look through them and reflect ....

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

show n tell art journal pages

Well a busy weekend that was... lots of joyous energy...where I am proud to say i managed to stay centred probably until yesterday when tiredness n trigger conversation with mum caused a little splurge of irritation n annoyance better known as good old anger!  my angry rebellious child surfaced momentarily to protect my wee frightened inner babe before being soothed by a little creative time this morning ... the good ole drama triangle pulls me in once again... but not for long.... fleeting feelings needing to be acknowledged and processed .... dealing with high as a kiteness energy and the 'new shiny expectation' n imaginings the weekend seems to have presented to my lovely mum and her forgetfullness that I am her daughter also and that the stuff my lovely sis went through as a child is ditto for me! ..... it was hard to feel I could hold that space for her when i felt the churning in my chest n gut of past pain tempered only with the relief and gratitude to the counselling n courage I know has led in some way to my healing and accepting it .. nursing my wee hurt little inner child and trying to present an adult self was challenging but hey I did OK n ok is good enough "i choose unconditional love n hope over pain n expectation" ... grateful, loved n supported thankyou universe x

Monday, 17 November 2014

A little creative time phew....

O.k back to work tomorrow after a pretty energetic although tiring weekend doing lovely family type stuff and thoughtfully trying not to dwell on my sad feelings... unpicking them and accepting 'what is' re framing 'what was' the flashback type memories and sadness and struggles that sit just below the surface as lighter observations and fleeting visitors rather than allowing them to take residence !...Struggling with my ego a little as it is making making more of the 'sad' but accepted fact that I continue to grieve for the relationship I don't have with my sister I do love her unconditionally but have to not have any expectation of her in return for that love......i've to accept I take some responsibility in's a sort of haunting my ego likes to me expose me to every now and again and it gets less with every time I hurt from my thoughts about it! after the weekend I may struggle for a few days or perhaps a great weight will start to be lifted who knows ? and I'm choosing LOVE .. and if stuff lingers for me then hey its just more journal fodder in letting go of it... for a few days my heart has been aching for some creative comfort....spent the day preparing body n soul for the next two days in which I will squeeze possibly a weeks worth work into 2 days! not looking forward to it and wondering if I don't manage it does it really matter? probably not actually sometimes its the pressure we put on ourselves and the fear of not living up to what 'we think' others expect of us ... and you know it is not real..... So listening to a little of Jack's 'Harder than Easy' sittin with the darkness a little...before shining a light on it! ''Loved and supported on this journey''

Monday, 3 November 2014

Turbulent Tuesday

ok so back to the stormin' today at glorious work....have a chocolate parcel to send to Mel and my Rachel Joyce book to take and I intend not to work through my dinner hour ....yep i am there again I must be workin' around a ten hour day with these new working hours and I'm fed up that was not my understanding if it or the organisations !....and am up at crack of dawn because that's my routine at the moment to try to grab some sanity out of the day with a bit of meditation and some lovely stretchy Yoga....thankyou Kula without your little sanctuary I wouldn't have the 'where with all' to know that's a key strategy to calming the anxiety that comes with high winds n rough seas and the odd barkin' sea dog ah arr Jim Lad! So I seem to be out of that sad and rather exhausted  reaction I often experience with 'change'  the necessary stage where I actually then seem to move onto planning to regain some control of the day, question why I am sooo fearful and forgive myself for the odd verbal altrication with the sea dogs that are very good at getting their needs met whilst my needs go flouncing out to sea with the debris of the ship wreck.. in the storm.....I notice a lot and I'm stormin' tooo so its ok although worrying about my behaviour perhaps means I might need to address it!... I am watchin' a cool crisp dawn break the birds are singing  and the smooth waft of some yummy sunrise incense is warming my soul ....'MY REALITY' and the rest if the day just a performance and game! My alarm has just gone sooo time to get mi life jacket wellies n love n laugh xxxx

....mondays tune....

Missy Higgins - Set Me On Fire [Official video]:

Saturday, 1 November 2014

music reminders.....

Between The Minds:


Mix - Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe:

just a reminder .....

Mix - Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road:

Saturday, 25 October 2014

To Journal or not to Journal.....

Journal of course......
o.k I am in a phase of those early rises where yesterday I chose to lie with it and eventually slept...infact slept in!  n felt better for it...after a week of 'work' and feeling the breath of the "time police" down my neck I figured it must be better for me to do that soooo I did......but today there are not enough hours in the day to balance my creative longings n my committment to others (which I am looking forward to tooo ).... and if I dont scratch my creative itch I WILL break out in a resentment rash sooo up at crack of dawn to outlet onto some journal pages and colour in mermaids... Inside this 49 year old woman there is a 9 year old girl...and its time to let her play.....

Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Early one morning just as the sun was rising I heard a......"

So early this morning I sat listening to the birds sing inbetween the rumblings of the airoplanes landing or setting off (we live near the airport on the flight path) pondering on how grateful I felt happy I feel and how blessed I am. Aftermy cuppa n toast Ill scoot off to York see my lovely mum (n her doggy Ambz) we'll drive to the sea side and spend the day up n down a beach throwing ball n ambling....there is heaven on earth and this is it! although of course true heaven is having chel n mel there toooo.So this morning i used my wee jotter n jar to capture how i was feeling...Ive done this all year on top of my art journalling and its worked for me in respect of sometimes 'putting stuff to bed' so as its not wooshing through my head as i hit the pillow fuelling insomnia,gives me a way of savouring joyful feelings generating personal happiness and also this year contains some  reference to my health goals and is creating a little progress map on that front.....of course to anyone else they look like random jottings in a jar but they mean so much more to me.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Sunshine .....

Breathing today...on this my fab day off , that I'm still eternally grateful for! finishing of a few journal pages and reconnecting with some arting as well as the 'givens' that do often fill this day off of mine.
I am grateful for many things ...
The summer weather we're having..and the joy the warmth the sun gives when it massages my face with its rays..
The good health to walk, jog a little and swim.
My yoga studio and classes that increase my self confidence and give me a sense of peace and calm.
My job.....that brings in the 'bacon'
My friends and family there's lots of lovely stuff going on for them and I love being with them.
My garden looks kinda pretty...
My loving inner talk that manages to bring about some balance as it jostles with its more critical and negative companion and accept 'em both.
LIFE ..and all it is and is not....
My ageing body..reminding me to take care of it and listen to it
The trips I've had to the seaside..they've been out of this world!
That I might just be starting to dream a little again ....and feel a little bit of wonder about where it might take me.......

Monday, 31 March 2014

Touching read by Rachel Joyce

Rachel Joyce - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold …:

Monday, 24 March 2014

Seeing Springtime in in Whitby

I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 4.65km, time: 01:05:02, pace: 13:59min/km, speed: 4.29km/h.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday walk

I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 6.38km, time: 01:16:41, pace: 12:01min/km, speed: 4.99km/h.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Pages of thought.....

Before the new year I pondered and reflected on what I loved in my life and added wellness,space and was something I wanted to do more of....staying active can be a challenge these days as my energy levels are soooo up and down....I cannot do much about this and the one thing that enables me to listen to my body and work with whatever mindset or energy I have is yoga.... it is quite a gently transformational practice for me...I spent time pondering over how I practice and what my focus was...and I created an art journal spread to honour it....
When I was caught up in the frenzy of christmas I felt a surge of materialism that I was really pretty uncomfortable with....I find this pattern a stress provoker and although initially a buzz comes from frantically buying it really never quite hits the spot where love kicks in sooooo I really wanted to examine it with a view to being mindful about it this year and to challenge it ....again I thought pretty deeply about my values and beliefs avoiding judgements as they do not seem real to me they are a kind of game my thoughts play!.....and i came up with my spread highlighting all I needs is in me....ok food n water necessary! and enjoyed but giving love usually reciproctes love and we all have divinity within....these two spreads although not overly elaborate really embody some of my real focus and positive thoughts and reflections I did at that time......

Mini journal planner

Into my second week of intention for following 2 projects but have gone small and simple for my journal as I want it to be really portable and easy to create my pages so as my practice is weekly,is mindful and full of thought and the focus is on intention and staying motivated with that intention in the weeks and months ahead. I hope to use some of the technique and inspiration from the documented life and journal 52 to do this .....and as ever it will be my perception and art that I create as authenticity is sooo important to me, and part of my journey, when expressing myself through art journalling..I hope to post a few pages in the facebook group but will probably blog here a little bit more in respect of my progress....some fab work going on in these two projects and am so grateful for the opportunity to tag along.

Monday, 6 January 2014


A lovely yoga tradition that resonates with how i want to approach this unfolding year and grow as a person...


Thursday, 2 January 2014

oh yes...