Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Sunshine .....

Breathing today...on this my fab day off , that I'm still eternally grateful for! finishing of a few journal pages and reconnecting with some arting as well as the 'givens' that do often fill this day off of mine.
I am grateful for many things ...
The summer weather we're having..and the joy the warmth the sun gives when it massages my face with its rays..
The good health to walk, jog a little and swim.
My yoga studio and classes that increase my self confidence and give me a sense of peace and calm.
My job.....that brings in the 'bacon'
My friends and family there's lots of lovely stuff going on for them and I love being with them.
My garden looks kinda pretty...
My loving inner talk that manages to bring about some balance as it jostles with its more critical and negative companion and accept 'em both.
LIFE ..and all it is and is not....
My ageing body..reminding me to take care of it and listen to it
The trips I've had to the seaside..they've been out of this world!
That I might just be starting to dream a little again ....and feel a little bit of wonder about where it might take me.......

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