Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Early one morning just as the sun was rising I heard a......"

So early this morning I sat listening to the birds sing inbetween the rumblings of the airoplanes landing or setting off (we live near the airport on the flight path) pondering on how grateful I felt happy I feel and how blessed I am. Aftermy cuppa n toast Ill scoot off to York see my lovely mum (n her doggy Ambz) we'll drive to the sea side and spend the day up n down a beach throwing ball n ambling....there is heaven on earth and this is it! although of course true heaven is having chel n mel there toooo.So this morning i used my wee jotter n jar to capture how i was feeling...Ive done this all year on top of my art journalling and its worked for me in respect of sometimes 'putting stuff to bed' so as its not wooshing through my head as i hit the pillow fuelling insomnia,gives me a way of savouring joyful feelings generating personal happiness and also this year contains some  reference to my health goals and is creating a little progress map on that front.....of course to anyone else they look like random jottings in a jar but they mean so much more to me.

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