Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day ? and art journal update

An interesting few pages which evolved and lead to some deeper insights over a few days....art journalling is sooo good at allowing that to happen for me...yes its therapeutic but its also evolutionary....i particularly loved creating the sunflower spread...why because it took me back to my childhood rolling bits of tissue  for the inside of the sunflower...and ive been fascinated with my sunflowers growing outside..only today i ran my fingers over the drying centres releasing the pods to see the beautiful seeds underneath....theres a Rumi quote i need to find and add about love and the soul blossoming am sure i have it on pinintrest and i plan to add it to that spread. I may find myself adding more to my other spreads as i continue to focus on thoughts coming from the source of a loving connected wave and having increased awareness of when theres more particle n potential stress response creeping in with those lizard voices! thankyou Gill Edwards  x

Monday, 26 August 2013

carnival day.....

fab day......yoga at kula and walking like we r on holiday alongside our annual to Leeds carnival.....

day ....enjoying the wave

I am so grateful .......not everyone has had the opportunity to have a Sheila (my wise mermaid)in there lives.She is retiring and I have thought of her soo much over the last few days she inspires me in a powerful way...she always has.... i am pondering on my plans to early retire maybe re train  a little  so I might still work in a healing field.... but differently..
very differently.I am looking at my last few art journal pages and after bathing myself in Gill Edwards work I see them in a different way....I hope to post them later and explain a little although words cant quite describe the revelations.......i am sending so much gratitude, love and light to my wise mermaid ......

Saturday, 24 August 2013

day something in slow flow time

......blogging when i can now rather than daily....i pondered over how blissful today felt.Chel had to work and we met for tea and sandwiches in the vintage tea shop in 'Handpicked' it was soooo lovely china old style tea cups and saucers quirky menu on an old record ... wave of contentment and good spirit with my Chel we laughed and walked through town.. sauntered through the refreshing summer drizzle and bought groceries and drinks ..
...simply lovely x

Friday, 23 August 2013

day 19 and 20

yay...sea faring done.....day off pending.
My day off here..an early start lots of tidying..not usually what i do but was nice to! arted and cooked and took delivery of the fridge freezer yay cooler's on...Enjoyed taxi ing Mel around and my bliss point of the day at Kula for some fab flow Yoga...baked chai biscuits for the first time (practice for a couple of weeks time) and feel soooo grateful for this day...A wonderful revelation from Gill Edwards ...thinking thoughts that flow like a "loving connected wave"

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

day 18

The day came to a calm and positive close when I anchored in for time with Kula....such nurturing energy and such a privilege to be a part of that...... The day at sea was peculiar .....but a balance of meeting needs.... my boat took on water and needed some bailing out , there was news of more crew members moving on and a wave of being back to where we were a year or so ago....choosing  to let go of fear and anxiety today.....a kind of jolly sailor delerium.... settling into reading more of Beloved Gill Edwards work....Conscious Medicine ....and sweet sleep will follow ....tomorrow is windy (previously wicked weds) wednesday ...

Monday, 19 August 2013

day 16 and 17

My day 16 of the weekend was amazing just the right amount of get up n go with a scrumptious measure of nurture and joy....Today I returned to sea feeling well ....aside perhaps some expected apprehension regarding how the day might go.... after being off poorly for a couple of days last week.I pulled in as much as I could of my nets full of debris that no other crew member could touch because their nets were too full....Choppy waters and a bit of piracy were navigated and I had a window of calm sea and I pulled into a little cove of beauty and got to bathe and soak in its magic with a beautiful wise mermaid.....thankyou wise mermaid you've guided me through trecherous waters over the years ....she gave me a beautiful amethyst crystal to take with me on my travels and absorb some of the rough so as I can see the smooth...a day where I felt the love xxxxx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 15...........

I'm haven't been sharing my daily blog entries in the Glitterhood group but am going to... maybe today and am still keeping going with them ... It's ncie to be well and truly on land... no seafaring as it is the glorious weekend and was my day off yesterday ...I enjoyed some gorgeous flow yoga yesterday although I am still not sleeping well I am optimistic it'll get better...I am clutching at straws as to why I'm sooo very restless ...full moon perhaps? hormones? but am taking some herbal remedies and am promising myself early nights so as I get the rest I need...OOOh I baked today and plan to bake tomorrow I find it really grounding n lovely to do.... brings such a lot of joy........also have finished off a couple of sweet little projects and added more backgrounds and journal pages to my BOD so the energy is going somewhere productive.....am loving upcycling postcards into journal covers and using stitched bindings to create some A4 cuties photo's are here. I am also sooo blessed to have recieved som lovely kind words and gratitude from some of the lovelies at Kula....it's such a lovely little sanctuary in these chaotic days such a special place to practice Yoga ..Thankyou I am blessed x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Blogging days 12,13 and 14

In seafaring terms I've not even made out of the 'lighthouse of lurve' today or yesterday...day before was a long day at sea and it kinda finished me off! I'm not sure why I fell so poorly but I did. I'm grateful for my bed rather than a hammock or collapsing in the cabin! and I would certainly have drowned if I'd set myself off to sea so I listened to my body and have slept a lot....seems it might be scurvy after all....... I haven't the energy for much but sleeping so secure in my little lighthouse I'll stay..

Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 11 ...sea faring self care

Today I managed a little bit of self care into my day...this can feel uncomfortable but it was needed and after my acupuncture I took it easy ...a little woozy n tired today but I'll have found my sea legs by tomorrow! Sleep will be sweet today. I do have a journal page I started last week on my 'off day' that I'm completing and hope to share.Daily blogging is a bit of a challenge for me and I've cheated a little by updating retrospectively!

Day 11 Yep on our bikes.....

A great few hours cycling into town down the tow path with a nice coffee at an Italian coffee shop ....then a mad dash to get next weeks shopping in before the supermaket closed at 4 p.m! pheww managed it and yes life is sweet back to sea tomorrow....

Day 10 ....Yay The Weekend

There was a rustle at the front door early hours of this morning....and it was our wee lad returning from his travels ..we are a little family again so bleary eyed and unable to sleep in we arose and had a pottering around day with a wal to the pub in the late afternoon sunshine....it was heavenly....

Day 9 We're on Cruise

What a lovely day aboard today.....there were some farewells to some newly fledged crew...time for lunch and socialising and I felt quite overwhelmed by the level of authenticity and genuine friendship....gifts were overflowing to and from those involved and there was lots of laughter around the
captains table!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

day 8 could it be scurvy....

ok ....sea sick this afternoon and sooooo trying to keep pulling in the fishing nets...crew members helpful  thankyou lovelies.....needed to sleep and after struggling on in the cabin gave in to the selfcare needed and returned to my lighthouse of love and my bed....feel slightly better after a 3 hour sleep....oh its not scurvy just a symptom of a worn out (peri menapausal ) sea dog !

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

day 7 Sea Fearing News

Wicked n Windy Wednesday........ I've learnt to always do a 'feelings check' in on Wednesdays informed by good ole NVC it helps me make sense of what takes place ... enabling me 'not' to take what is said personally....... the bubble wall had a little wobble but still intact only 2 days to go to the weekend.
In sea fearing terms.... I was 'part' of the crew sat around the captains table were alliances and agendas are visible and my responsibility is to stand my ground only when I 'really' need to and otherwise simply listen to the healthy and lively debate. I didn't have to walk the plank today although I am suspicious that a potential dunking at sometime may be on the cards .....however I have a good Life Jacket and although might have to take on water for while ...won't drown.So navigating the 'next leg' on choppy waters and time is of the essence as usual...but made it home eventually to my little lighthouse of love..

p.s.I am reminded to take some steps for self care during the day as those intentions were there at the beginning of the week but have disappeared ...and I can feel the 'need'  x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

day 6.....in seafaring terms

I couldnt go into detail about the day because it is always so diverse in its experiences and I feel so privelidged to  have the encounters i have that i prefer to perceive it in seafaring terms to keep that smile on my face... hey so today I sailed in changeable winds manning my own rudder to make it through choppy and calm waters in my wee boat... but my vessel stayed afloat and no sos whistle was required... just time to listen to the other boat crew before stepping into my dinghy for the day.... ahoy there protective bubble intact...sanity preserved thankyou x

Monday, 5 August 2013

day 5 Creating a bubble......

Tomorrow I return to work and I am creating a bubble to protect myself from the stuff that is toxic to me.....this is the beginning of my journal page that really has me focusing on creating my protective intention for this next week. The universe will support me........

day 4 Get on yer bike.....

......did have intention to post yesterday...Chel n I got on our bikes n cycled miles...legs werent quite as wobbly and we had such a good laugh and a cuddly evening together...I am soooo blessed....x

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 3 Blogalong - holidaying in my hometown

Today was a buzy ole day...we built up a faulty bicycle....were escorted by security to return it, were offered goodwill by passers by,trouble shooted with a few shop attendants, built up a new bicycle and washed and brushed up to walk around our city centre...the holiday vibe was present throughout......what fun we had meandering round......i am soooo enjoying the last days of my break.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Blogalong Day 2 - Reflections Revised

I will be joining in with Effy's blogalong I will save my rambling thoughts for my journal but I will try to share the reflections on it for my blogging. I will share the art I create as it is through this arting that I process a lot of my thoughts and feelings.......I can already feel a journal page coming on for B.O.D in relation to letting go of the fears I have about returning to work and trying to take with me some of the anxiety free, calm, level headedness I've come to recognise as my reality when I am at home, meeting up with people I love and who'm love me and sleeping ...really sleeping and focusing on self care..I've revised this post with the intention of continuing this into at least the next 2 weeks before my next week off what a fab month i have planned from August into September..........thankyou universe x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogalong Day One - Beautiful Day

I travelled to Whitby with mum today it was hot and full of quiet nostalgia as well as catching that sea breeze and watching familes enjoy their own experience of 'our' gothic, nearly unspoilt fishing town that has featured as a soul retreat throughout our life. The day was 'whole' and when i say that i guess i mean it left a really complete feeling .....my soul fulfilled and my spirits lifted in a simple and wholesome way. On my way back home the sun was setting and i stopped a few times to photograph it....by the time i was home the sky was a ripe orange....Chel had food cooking and I have got to say it all felt really perfect.....hardly an anxious feeling all day....and even if a slight appearance reared its head the love and good vibes simply washed it away.....thankyou so much for this day x