Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogalong Day One - Beautiful Day

I travelled to Whitby with mum today it was hot and full of quiet nostalgia as well as catching that sea breeze and watching familes enjoy their own experience of 'our' gothic, nearly unspoilt fishing town that has featured as a soul retreat throughout our life. The day was 'whole' and when i say that i guess i mean it left a really complete feeling soul fulfilled and my spirits lifted in a simple and wholesome way. On my way back home the sun was setting and i stopped a few times to photograph the time i was home the sky was a ripe orange....Chel had food cooking and I have got to say it all felt really perfect.....hardly an anxious feeling all day....and even if a slight appearance reared its head the love and good vibes simply washed it away.....thankyou so much for this day x

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