Saturday, 27 July 2013

art journal 'face' spread

I am so elated to have the week feels like heaven...stress free going at my own pace....the only deadlines are my deadlines, seeing people i love and..... well living...actually living my own life woop woop......I am letting go of the fact i had to work extra hours to actually take my annual leave! and i am letting go of the anger i felt in response to actions taken by another and am grateful for my the week comes to a close i can simply breathe it all away and stay present... I started a journal spread inspired by b.o.d. n b.o.m. and my nvc reflections on chapter 7 about empathy and holding that presence for others.........i have a short poem to make part of  the i 'love' and 'appreciate' that presence that i think was described in chapter 7 and notice i do it less n less in these harried agenda ridden days ...i felt a little sad acknowledging that....but a wave of joy and relief pulsed through me as my awareness was drawn toward it again and i felt better and ive been 'observing' 'noticing' and 'reflecting'.... have some more painting n layering to do .....but here she is for starters x

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