Sunday, 17 June 2012

Gustav Klimt inspired Goddess for Mythical Makings

I've finished my first ever canvas mixed media painting...looking forward to the next week of Mythical Makings which is Mucha inspired Angels ..................................................


Friday, 15 June 2012

I complete more pages than i have time to photograph and post ....i liked creating this page ..oh love those braids I wore braids for quite a few years......younger.. stronger.. fiercer ...years and now I'd say I'm in a more maturer,balanced and wiser life phase but my braided lady represents a courageous part of me ....

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Book Of Days as my personal development

My book of Days is a ritual keeping me focused and strong......I have to say i find that arting with purpose in my book of days is proving to be quite life changing and is a major facilitator in my developing strategies and rituals and using them to support my well being and keep me focused on integrating them as life practices...

Mythical happenings on canvas.....

My Klimt inspired Goddess is coming along... I am loving painting on canvas...I cannot leave it alone! for the past few nights I've popped in and had a play on this large canvas.......Tam asks us to think about what Goddess means to us..I do have some favourite goddesses and i find i loose myself in the Susan Seddon Boulet paintings Goddess collection...they have been my very favourites for many years...they are very different style to 'klimt' and the stylized cutie that i am creating ...I love her tooooooooo though.However, when i think of goddess qualities it is more the peaceful,harmonious and nature aspects I resonate with and I really like the focus on 'integration'...klimt's tree of life and the mother and baby paintings are my very very faves....I've tried to make my goddess a part of that tree of life and will be continuing to build on that over the next week and journal about it.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mythical Magical Makings workshop with Tam

I braved getting some basics onto my large canvas today after work.I've wanted to complete one of these workshops with Willowing for so long ..well a year and am enjoying work so far....needs a little adjusting but I am really pleased as its a start!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

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BOD Premium

Am celebrating a new start by upgrading to Book of Days Premium with Effy Wild..........It has been such a journey from the Wild Precious days of last year to now....I'm cleansing my arting space and letting go off albums and albums over the next few weeks to clear head space so as my brain can 'BrEAtHe'..would love to browse through my art journals so far and take stock am 'birthing' a new spacious and artful life