Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mythical happenings on canvas.....

My Klimt inspired Goddess is coming along... I am loving painting on canvas...I cannot leave it alone! for the past few nights I've popped in and had a play on this large canvas.......Tam asks us to think about what Goddess means to us..I do have some favourite goddesses and i find i loose myself in the Susan Seddon Boulet paintings Goddess collection...they have been my very favourites for many years...they are very different style to 'klimt' and the stylized cutie that i am creating ...I love her tooooooooo though.However, when i think of goddess qualities it is more the peaceful,harmonious and nature aspects I resonate with and I really like the focus on 'integration'...klimt's tree of life and the mother and baby paintings are my very very faves....I've tried to make my goddess a part of that tree of life and will be continuing to build on that over the next week and journal about it.

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