Saturday, 27 July 2013

art journal 'face' spread

I am so elated to have the week feels like heaven...stress free going at my own pace....the only deadlines are my deadlines, seeing people i love and..... well living...actually living my own life woop woop......I am letting go of the fact i had to work extra hours to actually take my annual leave! and i am letting go of the anger i felt in response to actions taken by another and am grateful for my the week comes to a close i can simply breathe it all away and stay present... I started a journal spread inspired by b.o.d. n b.o.m. and my nvc reflections on chapter 7 about empathy and holding that presence for others.........i have a short poem to make part of  the i 'love' and 'appreciate' that presence that i think was described in chapter 7 and notice i do it less n less in these harried agenda ridden days ...i felt a little sad acknowledging that....but a wave of joy and relief pulsed through me as my awareness was drawn toward it again and i felt better and ive been 'observing' 'noticing' and 'reflecting'.... have some more painting n layering to do .....but here she is for starters x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beautiful times........

I am sat with in the sunshine finishing off my journal page and starting another.....i reflected on my NVC learning this morning standing back from a request situation that perhaps became a demand ....and so had some consequences to it....but still achieved something beautiful for the parties involved, i believe! I had been absorbing the reality that sometimes it isnt possible for a utopian nvc approach to be used especially if a specific outcome is required! but k found myself acknowledging how nvc framework enables you to unpick this gently and understand that in this complex day to day life of interacting with others we cannot truly know which experiences might be informing how a request, or any communication is being percieved.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Where Love Resides

.....Had a good un pick of my thoughts about 'where love resides'...thought about 'material things' nope no real love there.....thought about people and my unbridled empathy almost too much love there! then thought about myself mmmm how warm and contented i can and do feel sometimes and how much i love that feeling simple but profound an experience it is and how grateful i feel and how alive i feel...and as i sat at peace in my garden with the sunlight pouring down into me it dawned on me yep love resides here in this moment and in me ...... and all was well x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Holding onto intention made in my journal pages

....i have filled this page with thought around intention.....beautiful thoughts and sleeping have been a feature of my i need to remind myself of that as it 'wicked wednesday' and i am up early after not as much sleep as id hoped but hey monday night i had choosing to let go of an issue im "not that happy' about but am torn between raising it for some clarification and just letting go of the confusion,suspicion and initial upset as it kind of worked out ok although did cause 2 of us some stress and a very busy day...alongside some serendipity,calmness in a little chaos and well hey not a bad day at all really..some stress is a 'given' . I could worry that it is the fear of the drama i might start by asking that is stopping me but on this occassion my mature head says it really isnt worth it unless it happens again..... and today there is always potential for i will fit in my walk around the block , be compassionate toward myself to get some head space and choose how i respond from a grounded and centred place ..thankyou x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Journalling around NVC

Going over making requests in chapter 6 again after practicing this for the last couple of weeks and so able to understand things more......with some colourful feelings and not always pleasant situations to reflect on.....I came up with a breakthrough need in relation to work and plan to journal and unpick it alongside setting myself some intention to make this happen for myself ..... as i am keen to effect a little evolution in myself.. but am fully aware I cannot change anyone else.We had a good ole laugh the other day at work boy it was soooo nice.....seeing people happy sharing a bit of mutual acceptance and girlie humour felt good thankyou lovelies

Family is a gift

Today i travel with mum to see my neice and sister.It means soooo much to mum and it has taken sometime to arrange.I love seeing them too. Over the years I have accepted that it isnt possible to have a really close relationship with my has taken a lot of time and heartache and anxious questioning of myself to try to understand this ....but its fine now i love her very much and i do believe she loves me as well. My neice is a beautiful independant soul.... she turned 21 in March and it is with this in mind that we are driving over to see them today.I have a small family and I am soo grateful for this and the time we get you both sooo much xxx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

nice .....from tam