Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday.. How do you wish to be Brave..

Sometimes i like to take Jamies thought provokers out with me to focus on throughout the day....i do have a 'braveness' to how i'm feeling at the moment.It is a little stress induced and i am a little more expressive than i usually am so this weeks wishcasting is allowing me to acknowle that this is a brave place for me to be for as it means facing the fears of.. and the actual consequences of being authentic.. and expressing my self about many things....perhaps the consquences are not as horrible as i fear...anyway i am taking this braveness with me today and i'll complete my post tonight....'I wish to be brave enough to simply be me and express myself in the way i choose'.

P.M. authentic....mmm difficult when you share your perspective you leave yourself wide open emotionally..but not everything that follows always hurts...today i learnt it was o.k to express an opinion to express a balanced perspective...i have to maintian focus on this for tomorrow is a day this is needed.

Truly truly scrumptious...........

beautiful....see more here

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday..How do you Wish to Sparkle

On my way home from work(on time today!) i felt sad ...i dooo feel sad sometimes and today i felt a little sad.I turned my radio up a little and thought to myself ooohh i'm so looking forward to getting home, walking tonight with my chel and tapping into Jamie's wishcasting community and i felt a little sparkle! A little flame ignited as i left behind my working day ...anyway now for how i might be able to sparkle! I can conjour up some 'glimmer' but it is going to be hard to sparkle!I'm content with a little glimmer and i think i am a little afraid about trying to hard to sparkle.....to feel i can sparkle is going to take time.... I kind of like watching others sparkle and have always felt that that is my purpose in life to watch others sparkle but for me it is more an inner sunshine than a sparkle but i've had to think about this a little more!I'm re examining this in The Artists Way Workshops i'm doing...but am just having to sit with it for a while...after all enabling and enjoying the light of others is what i'm conditioned to do! So here i will start with a few things to nurture my glimmer into a sparkle perhaps...

I'll notice and enjoy compliments..Chella often pays me them.

I will smile inside and out...not forcing myself to use words just a smile.

I'll let go of those thoughtless words, and the energy that comes with them,they spill out of others mouths so easily sometimes...it is about them not me.

I will be conscious of surrounding myself with a little buffer against the energy of strong personalities and opinions when i need to.

I feel comfortable allowing my inner child to sparkle... i love her soooo much so i will let her play with glitter in her arting and be excited alonside her and revel in her favourite pass times!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

I wish healing for the world and to heal the world there are a whole host of wishes for things that i feel would help heal this world... these simple things are at top of my list..
Forgiveness,Fairness, Equity, Love and support, dialogue between nations,sharing of wealth,relief from poverty,kindness, time to listen,negotiate, work in partnership to find solutions,protection for the vulnerable,respecting of nature, improvements to the health and wellbeing of all kind....
I then feel as if i would like a list of things i'd like to see humankind doing less of ! but i am going to stay with the what i would like to see in the world and really put it out there as positive energy into the universe.....the world is beautiful and everything in it really matters! I wish to live my life embracing principles that might help heal this world.

'Be the change you want to see in the world'

Sunday, 13 March 2011

music i used to craft to.........

Oh i'd almost forgotten about my love of Einaudi...isn't it synchronicity in itself when 'someone' in 'some moment' reminds you of something you found sooo enjoyable...the link for this website was on my other blogspot from the summer of last year when i found it so i'm refreshing it here and will be able to play it to art to mmmmmmmmmmm
My having a favourite album 'i giorni' was all down to lovely Sheila...she had she such an impact on my life it was sooo long ago now but I thank her also.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Change ....

I listened to all sorts of music last night around 'change' i had a handfull of favouries by Sam Cooke ,Lauryn hill and an lovely video depicting the gals from sugar babes changing through the seasons (so colourful and it definatley inspired me to draw and create some journal pages...)However, this one is the one that resonates with me the most...
TAW asked for an Artists Prayer and so i put together this............
During this journey I will balance both enthusiasm and calmness, nurturing both a sense of inner peace and honouring the spark that ingnites my creativity..I will also honour nature and the seasons for they furnish ife with never ending inspiration and they are both precious and powerful.Whilst nurturing myself and others I will keep close to me the sense of childhood wonder and imagination.My inner child is my friend and she awakens the 'sunshine within my heart' and my desire to art. Love is non-tangible and is the only thing that is really real.. i express it, and my truth through my art, i can choose to be playful with the ideas and concepts i am attracted to..Arting is my relief from the 'fallout' of everyday life.To create and recreate is my craft,it offers endless possibilities in my life..it makes space for hope, love, integrity and allows me to express my authentic self.

Giving my craft room the overhaul it sooo deserves

Week 4 of TAW with Effy and Wild precious and although not following it completely to the letter(sorry morning pages!) I still find it is having quite a profound effect on me.I loved the tasks this week thinking back to being a child and i treated myself and my boys to a childhood favourite pud i used to have at my nana's...such fond memories that Swiss Roll and custard had for me...and thinking about exciting things id like to do put some Salsa class on the agenda..A decluttering phase has 'gotten a hold of me'..i could barely sleep with the restless energy i had as the weekend came...although feeling tired after the week the energy came with a restless woooosh for me to 'cleanse' my craft room! I'm soo pleased ...it has needed doing for a long time...so this weekend a little less arting but some good well needed organising of my resources and i've a self indulgant few days end of next week, as i'm on leave and so will 'art my little heart out'.

It was this quote that i latched onto and it really started to inspire my need to declutter...the more i pondered it the more the restless energy needed to be heard~!

"Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable. Everything feeds into my creativity. But without proper preparation, I cannot see it, retain it, and use it."
— Twyla Tharp

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What gifts do you wish to share.

Jamie Ridlers' Wishcasting Wednesday is such a part of my week and every Wednesday i love the thought provoking her prompts stimulate in me...thankyou Jamie
So what gifts do i wish to share...........................................................................
This is a difficult one for me right now i'm not sure how well i can express what my potential gifts are. My main personal attributes are those of a pretty sensitive soul...i hurt easily i also feel empathy with ease, tune into people's needs with ease and care very easily.However over the years working within the caring profession i have often felt quite depleted of energy because of sharing myself in these ways.I constantly work on having to adjust this level of sensitivity ... to try to set boundaries, to try to fit in with others who are not quite as sensitive and to be able to live my life without being too emotional...which in itself is quite a task as i sometimes do not adjust it correctly! I need lots of solitude, arting and i'm often preoccupied with fears of my getting it 'all wrong', and 'burning out' completely...

What i'd like to share is my gift of being able to accept the shortcomings of human kind.. this would include my own own shortcomings and imperfections of course ! and 'others shortcomings'... it is a gift of mine to be tolerant and forgive,I have hope in some of the most desperate of situations and try to always see/feel the positive in a situation.

"I have been wondering have these things i've seen ever been really happenning
What is 'reality' who's reality is worth more than anothers'
Where would human kind like to draw the line of 'black and white'
Why is it i see more 'grey'
Some opinions shape our future and are heard more than others
I like to quiten my mind and listen........and when i do
the one thing i do know is that 'love is the only thing that feels really real'

I wish to share this love and unconditional acceptance with you and the universe.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A little gust of energy .........

Met up with some lovely crafting buddies this weekend and felt inspired to create a couple of albums which i will post to my all that's magic and Sparkles blog
I'm so enjoying dawing fairies faces and hope that i will get better i'll post my favourites to Wild and Precious ...I've made lots of progress with my journal pages they'll get posted on Wild Precious when i'm feeling brave.

I've started a fairy sketch book and have a couple of books to guide me but i am sooo hoping to take an online class with Willowing soon.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday...what do you wish to put limits on

Instantly i want to put limits on the internal dialogue I am having at the moment and my quest for self improvement...
I'm a little bit lost in myself at the moment....it's a funny place to be ..i decided to look in wards and try to self improve....analyse where i was at... devote less time to creating for others and more to listening to myself, expressing myself and arting for myself.... now i 'm worn out! ...........honestly worn out and to top it off i've had a nasty cold virus just a remind that sleeeeeeep is required if you are actually going to function and recover from an illness...you cannot survive on caffeine infused flu remedies for very long...or rather i cannot.I have reached my limit ....My 10 hour days at work and passion for evolving and my need to 'art' seems to be the 3 balls that are requiring too much energy to juggle ....so Jamies question provokes thought and i have to think about which one of these juggling balls i put down 'cos the others I got up there well they have to stay up in the air or life would grind to a standstill ! I CAN set limits on my working hours...i really must ! i am going to just accept it will not be the best job done..i'm going to have to start looking at where i can cut corners and continue to 'feed the monster' and go home on time...and morning pages ...they are not the be all and end all i am stil progressing becoming more creatively expressive of ME.....so if i miss them i miss them....that is where i will set my limits ....... am i living the life i want to live? maybe not but i do have a good life, i am blessed i sooo many ways, i work with a great team of folks...we laugh.. , my family are lovely...we love each other, and I am a 'wee gal that loves to art' ...hey nobody said i have to do all this frantic juggling and stressing so time to rethink...