Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday...what do you wish to put limits on

Instantly i want to put limits on the internal dialogue I am having at the moment and my quest for self improvement...
I'm a little bit lost in myself at the's a funny place to be ..i decided to look in wards and try to self improve....analyse where i was at... devote less time to creating for others and more to listening to myself, expressing myself and arting for myself.... now i 'm worn out! ...........honestly worn out and to top it off i've had a nasty cold virus just a remind that sleeeeeeep is required if you are actually going to function and recover from an cannot survive on caffeine infused flu remedies for very long...or rather i cannot.I have reached my limit ....My 10 hour days at work and passion for evolving and my need to 'art' seems to be the 3 balls that are requiring too much energy to juggle Jamies question provokes thought and i have to think about which one of these juggling balls i put down 'cos the others I got up there well they have to stay up in the air or life would grind to a standstill ! I CAN set limits on my working hours...i really must ! i am going to just accept it will not be the best job done..i'm going to have to start looking at where i can cut corners and continue to 'feed the monster' and go home on time...and morning pages ...they are not the be all and end all i am stil progressing becoming more creatively expressive of if i miss them i miss them....that is where i will set my limits ....... am i living the life i want to live? maybe not but i do have a good life, i am blessed i sooo many ways, i work with a great team of folks...we laugh.. , my family are lovely...we love each other, and I am a 'wee gal that loves to art' ...hey nobody said i have to do all this frantic juggling and stressing so time to rethink...


  1. As you wish this for yourself, I wish this for you as well.

  2. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.

  3. All so important. As you wish for yourself, I lovingly, wish for you as well.

  4. Drop the balls and see what happens ~ maybe you'll wind up just running wildly down the street, laughing uncontrollably ~ that doesn't sound so bad :)

    Give yourself a hug for me!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also ~

  5. Love your positive attitude, and I hear what you're saying. As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well.