Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Finished end of year pages

All backgrounds are layered with gorguss girl notelets I wrote on throughout the year....A 2015 of practice....making the practices that help me stay healthy and happy part of everyday life and trusting that other things will follow or emerge as they are meant to. I've a page to start my 2015 intentions on and start the year rolling.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 mini journals

Here are the 2 small albums I've chosen for some portable art journalling and mandala drawing in 2015.My word for the year ahead is ' PRACTICE' with the goal of making things that keep me healthy, emotionally well and 'happy' a daily, weekly or monthly practices. One of the big challenges for the year ahead is to bring the practice of meditation into my life.Ive tried before to do this, enjoyed it, felt the benefits but not managed to be consistent with it.... without pressure I wish to continue my mindfulness through yoga and running/walking but also bring it into my life through drawing mandalas I have 20 pages at 4 X 4 to create them and then a plan to create some coasters from them at the end of next year....soo a little creative goal tooo. Ive an openness to the  opportunities to meditate as I know they will present themselves without my having to struggle and make it very hard work.... as thinking of it as hard work creates an obstacle to my hardwiring soooo working with it in a different way.
I loved the inspiration that Journal 52 and The Documented Life Project provided and valued it soon much last year so I also have a small moleskin journal with 60 sides in concertina style pages to journal my weeks and months intentions, affirmations , reflections on achievements and savour my feelings of gratitude. I've also my other journals for larger spreads when I'm inspired to journal and art on a larger scale and delve into deeper level stuff as desired ...looking forward to enjoying the 'present' in 2015. Now the fun of prepping the covers and pages over the next few days.....more journal pages in progress using all my little reflections collected in my reasons to be grateful and positive in 2014 jar .....

Friday, 26 December 2014

Reflection into art journalling

....key to my 2014 achievements are
How focusing on love and being loved are essential to my happiness.
The importance of my close circle of friends are on all sorts levels and how I learn such a lot about myself and the world from them.
The comfort practicing gratitude has brought me.
The acceptance of ups and downs and going with their flow.
Reassurance that it is not life threatening to move out of my comfort zone and
the  boost this has given to my motivation and enthusiasm.
The body and mind confidence Ive achieved by staying flexible and building core strength through yoga and pilates and the energy boost achieved from a some return to running.
The therapeutic value and sense of achievement obtained from arting,creating, baking and sewing.
This afternoon I will let my imagination guide me through some art journal long to embody these achievements word for 2014 had been incubate and I am feeling my words for 2015 might be stronger or practice .......leaning more toward practice at the moment .....

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Solstice reflections

Such a great time for reflecting and gathering inspiration for the new year.....At the beginning of 2014 I started collecting thoughts and small personal achievements they are and tonight I will start to look through them and reflect ....