Friday, 26 December 2014

Reflection into art journalling

....key to my 2014 achievements are
How focusing on love and being loved are essential to my happiness.
The importance of my close circle of friends are on all sorts levels and how I learn such a lot about myself and the world from them.
The comfort practicing gratitude has brought me.
The acceptance of ups and downs and going with their flow.
Reassurance that it is not life threatening to move out of my comfort zone and
the  boost this has given to my motivation and enthusiasm.
The body and mind confidence Ive achieved by staying flexible and building core strength through yoga and pilates and the energy boost achieved from a some return to running.
The therapeutic value and sense of achievement obtained from arting,creating, baking and sewing.
This afternoon I will let my imagination guide me through some art journal long to embody these achievements word for 2014 had been incubate and I am feeling my words for 2015 might be stronger or practice .......leaning more toward practice at the moment .....

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