Saturday, 29 January 2011

DIG DEEP............journalling prompt

Where in your life do you need a clean slate?
Where do you feel stuck or overwhelmed?
Is there some area of your life that could benefit from a blank canvas?
How would you feel if you could just start fresh?
It's liberating. Give it a shot.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What do you wish to enjoy?

.....edited in a reflective state of mind to redress life's balance.
My wishes ....i wished to speak to mum last night and i knew i'd enjoy that and how lovely it was...............i wished to have some snuggle time and i did enjoy it but need some more.i wished to relax and i managed that tonight ...perhaps not last night but tonight...i soooo enjoyed that.I enjoyed what i did.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Contagious creative energy...

I listened to Kathryn-collage diva on Jamie's podcast it was soooo amazing hearing her talk i feel i'm moving forward in my head with everything through my resonating with these amazing board...dream board..full moon board...soul collage! yes to them all and yes it is contagious!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A week of being creative every day....

Love playing along with inner-creative voice and the 30 days of creativity and send my thanks to the lovely lady creating this space for myself and others to be inspired and focus on being creative.So its off to work now as i could sit and ponder for longer but i will be late!...Here's my plan for the week and weekend....:
Complete the two albums for my friends little girls.
Sort through some quotes for my Art Nouveau album project.
Rummage through my stamps for images i'd like to colour.
Do a little colouring in with my copics!
Think about create a valentines card based on the pop up recyling method below.

I am being creative every day !

I'm soooo enjoying creating the Art Nouveau Albums that have been a little picture in my head for some of the albums are in the link but here is some of the details as i move onto the next stage the inner pages.

recyling ideas

Saturday, 22 January 2011

soul journaling

Full Moon dream board

Satisfying to complete my dream board today ...or perhaps it's a vision board ...i know it feels very meaningful and therapeutic to do and i have to say i'm pleased there aren't any rules to creating's 'my piece of work' and so can be just anything i want it to be.....

Ever since being a very small child i've loved sticky stuff....the opposite to not liking sticky fingers ..i'd rather use my fingers than a brush for lots of things...i loved doubing glue n glitter on the stars and it reminded me of this .....

It's the weekend and again i just want it tooooo laaaast a long time... i can feel negativity creeping into my psyche and i'm shunning it...i've let go of it on my dream board along with a few other thoughts and feelings that aren't uselful to me...hey they are there and i acknowledge them but bye bye i can do without them...I'm trying to break a few habits that i fall back on at times like this and i'm holding onto the things i want in my life they are inside the circle on my board i'm holding onto these images that hold much meaning for me....a lot of them are inspirational, there are two photo's on the board one i took as i parked up at work the other day...i have to say it was a hard day my head was somewhere else and the sunrising on that Friday was breathaking.The other photo is from Connie Hozvicka (dirty little footprints studio's.. a great artist)...I found her so inspirational when i was feeling 'all at sea' with my nagging doubts of 'can i afford to work part time' and ' am i good enough at this stuff' to make some sort of living out of it!

I have such intention when creating these boards i have to admit I hand pick the images rather than browsing through magazines...mainly because i don't have magazines and i couldn't possbily afford them now i'm budgeting for working part time!However, i want plan to ask a few folks at work whether i might collect their old ones...boy i love recycling othe people's stuff.. Here i googled images of Tenerife skies (holiday!),Annie Lennox (bit of a favourite on all sort of levels for me) warrior lady with war paint (give me courage..), pretty pampered feet ( mmmm ), Susan Seddn Boulet image (Wolf moon.... i love her art)and a lovely starry one that read 'perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones shining to tell us that they close by'..

So next week i ask for the forms to go in to change my hours and i book that first long weekend for the beginning of March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

The hunger i want to feed today is a hunger for fairness in this world.This year there is the potential for a lot unrest because of the unfairness of our government cuts in U.K. (there is all over the world, it is such a global issue).The wolf and the full moon are fuelling an 'animal outletting' to my wishcasting this week ...rather than an analytical and reflective wish...
When I hear of a football team paying millions for a player and then I look at say for example a family with small children and no heating and health issues (that are our out of their control) it is a simple fact that society is not a fair place... when i hear of institutions like banks planning to pay large financial bonuses and households where perhaps the breadwinner has been made redundant and the impact is being felt throughout the family it seems obvious that this isn't fair....i'm howling (like a wolf now!) because there are so many 'unfairnesses' in this world of all sorts and magnitudes and I only give examples of local ones I see day to day.The structures that have provided some support and enabled some movement forward to address some of the inequalities are being removed and dare i say it some destroyed because of those with political power having a basic belief that inequality is part of society.... that in order for 'them to have' someone else 'has to be without'.. I hear the counter arguments of this all the time and my stance is a very simple one but I'm hungry for fairness and am joining the pack of wolves that are howling and seeking it out!

My actions will include:
Reflect on this and coming up with positive and loving energy that I can send out into the universe.
Being bold in my plans to take action.
Continue to stay positive and care about others.
Continue to gather inspiration to nourish the instinct to be 'human kind'.
To create a full moon dream board and embody this.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Creative every day.......

I was up early drawing..............sleeping in wasn't an option ! and i listened to some deva premal as i coloured with my watercolour pencils (that i've not used for ages!) i sat near the patio doors and watched the sky turn from dark to light it was a lovely hour or so drawing and colouring i've not done it for sooooooo long so above is my 'lotus connecting fairie'.... and here's one of my favourite deva primal chants 'yemaya'....

The weekend is here i want to feel every moment and for it to last for a long long time, i get opportunity to be creative take in some fresh air spend time with my little family and get the time and space i've been aching for all only a few weeks i'll know whether i can reduce those working hours.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What do you wish to renew.........

OOH i do so love Jamie's thought provoking prompts....i have had a little scoot around for inspiration from you beloved wishcasters as phewww another long work filled day leaves me feeling a little flat on the inspiration side. Anyway wishcasters i'm soooo grateful to you all as i always feel a little 'renewed' after reading your posts, it is at times like this that i find such comfort and joy in connecting with your wishes before i start to think about what this prompt means to me.... i need to thank you for this as you are a community of people i've never met face to face but you mean such a lot to me!

Renewal mmmmmm I love the idea of being able to renew particular aspects of my life regularly.I have just got back from a brisk walk and i'm renewing my comittment to my evening yoga ..the energy is moving but sooooo slowly.

I wish to renew my committment to my goals for this new year... I'd like to 'renew' this whenever i loose focus ...'re snare' the energy and 're harness' the enthusiasm i had for the goals when i made them...revisit them and look again and feel positive about slow progress.What a fantastic prospect of being able to renew my comittment to making them work rather than feeling i'm loosing them.....I'm watching the moon and thinking about how my energy might flow with the moons phases .........i'll move toward them .... renewal seems so necessary not just yearly but at such regular intervals so as to be able to hold sight of those dreams.

Dreams with wishes.....'i am committed' thankyouuuuu

More than wishes renewal actions..........

  • staying creative every day no matter how small sometimes simply looking at what i've physically created and reflecting on it's design.
  • keeping moving everyday walking, standing outside taking a breath of fresh air feeling alive.
  • waking up! yes the goal is to get up early i'm having to set my alarm and practice getting up as soon as there is that shift in light is only just a succinct shift and 7.00 a.m is all i am managing at the moment i'll get there...
  • evening yoga even just a little before i step into's great just have to have increased awareness of the benefits and it will be part of my routine.
  • weekend morning yoga's great and makes such a difference.
  • my plan is still there for my keepsaking workshops and i am progressing slowly with it-resources have arrived and i've mapped out a taster session and i'm sharing my ideas with friends.
  • february invites for a crafty openday session have gone out to my luvly crafting buddies who joined in the fun last time.

Moon phases - waxing phase at the moment keep the planning going

The Four Phases of the Moon waxing, full, waning, and new –
The first phase: waxing moon: beginning of a new cycle; development and growth; new opportunities.
Lesson: to invoke – knowing.
wishes around health and personal issues; put plans into action for the month ahead.

The second phase: full moon: the moon is full and ripe; a very fertile time, but care is needed as the energies are very powerful.
Lesson: to expand – manifesting.
wishes around: incense and expansion in your day-to-day affairs; a good time for personal power and magnetism.

The third phase: waning moon: the moon’s power is decreasing; release and letting go.
Lesson: to let go – courage.
wishing around letting go of the past; a powerful healing time. It is also time for insights and increasing psychic power.

The fourth phase: new moonWind: the moon disappears; time for retreat and withdrawal; recharging energies before the new cycle begins.
Lesson: to learn – to keep silence.
Wishing around: gaining wisdom, understanding and insight. This time is best spent in contemplation, meditation and preparation, or seeking guidance.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday
I wish to say yes to the sun set on the horizon.....

We walked around Eccup reservoir the last day of our holiday break.....there she was the sun setting such beauty and i was lost in her yes inspired and lost in the beauty of that sunset...i feel like that whenever i see the sun setting..I'd felt sad that the holidays were over that i'd to revvvv up into that heightened state of functionality required of work and life....but i forgot that during my walk...

Yes to the beauty of the ordinary day
Yes to being out in the fresh air.
Yes to sharing time as we walk.
Yes to the wonder of nature and the universe.
Yes to some things always being there to enjoy and inspire us.

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Moon January 4th - YOGA

It's a New Moon tomorrow... Back to work , up early and a little yoga a.m and p.m sun and moon salutation to practice!

Creative every day......

I made button flowers yesterday but must admit i've np photo to upload i plan to use them on the front of some little books so the photo's will come later!

I am participating in a vision board project on line...its great to be inspired by others and feel more of a's hard here in U.K i've not really manged to find a little community of arty folks to join in with perhaps when i work a little less the universe might have something in store for me.....Back to work tomorrow so an unsettled night but up early this morning even if feelign groggy....a walk on the Chevin would be a super idea to blow the cobwebs off ....I'll just wait till those boyz wake up!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

vision board for 2011

I enjoyed putting this together...i slipped in a few small photo's of my scrapbooking when i used to scrapbook crosslegged on the floor with melu looking showing my second hand table which revolutionised my scrapbooking ! one of us gals altogether in the summer when i had a series of sessions inviting others to come along and join in the fun and the other taken by Chel when i was in mid production of some of the commissioned albums which seemed to take off in 2010.Lifestory work and how to involve myself in facilitating other's in telling or expressing their life story something i wish to explore in 2011.
My six word resolution Dream, live , inspire and be inspired...