Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

The hunger i want to feed today is a hunger for fairness in this world.This year there is the potential for a lot unrest because of the unfairness of our government cuts in U.K. (there is all over the world, it is such a global issue).The wolf and the full moon are fuelling an 'animal outletting' to my wishcasting this week ...rather than an analytical and reflective wish...
When I hear of a football team paying millions for a player and then I look at say for example a family with small children and no heating and health issues (that are our out of their control) it is a simple fact that society is not a fair place... when i hear of institutions like banks planning to pay large financial bonuses and households where perhaps the breadwinner has been made redundant and the impact is being felt throughout the family it seems obvious that this isn't fair....i'm howling (like a wolf now!) because there are so many 'unfairnesses' in this world of all sorts and magnitudes and I only give examples of local ones I see day to day.The structures that have provided some support and enabled some movement forward to address some of the inequalities are being removed and dare i say it some destroyed because of those with political power having a basic belief that inequality is part of society.... that in order for 'them to have' someone else 'has to be without'.. I hear the counter arguments of this all the time and my stance is a very simple one but I'm hungry for fairness and am joining the pack of wolves that are howling and seeking it out!

My actions will include:
Reflect on this and coming up with positive and loving energy that I can send out into the universe.
Being bold in my plans to take action.
Continue to stay positive and care about others.
Continue to gather inspiration to nourish the instinct to be 'human kind'.
To create a full moon dream board and embody this.


  1. Beautiful wish. As you wish for yourself (and the world), I wholeheartedly wish for you also. xx

  2. How true it is and what a selfless and empowering wish!

    As you wish for yourself & the world, I wish along side you!

  3. Beautiful, lovely wish!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  4. Beautiful wish... as you wish for yourself and the world, I expectantly wish for you also!

  5. The "unfairness" of life is a mystery, isn't it? I like to play this game "IF I were Queen"...about all the things I would change, and do differently....If only more people like you were in charge! ;-)

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!


  6. Beautiful wish. As you wish for yourself (and the world), I lovingly wish for you as well.