Saturday, 22 January 2011

Full Moon dream board

Satisfying to complete my dream board today ...or perhaps it's a vision board ...i know it feels very meaningful and therapeutic to do and i have to say i'm pleased there aren't any rules to creating's 'my piece of work' and so can be just anything i want it to be.....

Ever since being a very small child i've loved sticky stuff....the opposite to not liking sticky fingers ..i'd rather use my fingers than a brush for lots of things...i loved doubing glue n glitter on the stars and it reminded me of this .....

It's the weekend and again i just want it tooooo laaaast a long time... i can feel negativity creeping into my psyche and i'm shunning it...i've let go of it on my dream board along with a few other thoughts and feelings that aren't uselful to me...hey they are there and i acknowledge them but bye bye i can do without them...I'm trying to break a few habits that i fall back on at times like this and i'm holding onto the things i want in my life they are inside the circle on my board i'm holding onto these images that hold much meaning for me....a lot of them are inspirational, there are two photo's on the board one i took as i parked up at work the other day...i have to say it was a hard day my head was somewhere else and the sunrising on that Friday was breathaking.The other photo is from Connie Hozvicka (dirty little footprints studio's.. a great artist)...I found her so inspirational when i was feeling 'all at sea' with my nagging doubts of 'can i afford to work part time' and ' am i good enough at this stuff' to make some sort of living out of it!

I have such intention when creating these boards i have to admit I hand pick the images rather than browsing through magazines...mainly because i don't have magazines and i couldn't possbily afford them now i'm budgeting for working part time!However, i want plan to ask a few folks at work whether i might collect their old ones...boy i love recycling othe people's stuff.. Here i googled images of Tenerife skies (holiday!),Annie Lennox (bit of a favourite on all sort of levels for me) warrior lady with war paint (give me courage..), pretty pampered feet ( mmmm ), Susan Seddn Boulet image (Wolf moon.... i love her art)and a lovely starry one that read 'perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones shining to tell us that they close by'..

So next week i ask for the forms to go in to change my hours and i book that first long weekend for the beginning of March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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