Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What do you wish to renew.........

OOH i do so love Jamie's thought provoking prompts....i have had a little scoot around for inspiration from you beloved wishcasters as phewww another long work filled day leaves me feeling a little flat on the inspiration side. Anyway wishcasters i'm soooo grateful to you all as i always feel a little 'renewed' after reading your posts, it is at times like this that i find such comfort and joy in connecting with your wishes before i start to think about what this prompt means to me.... i need to thank you for this as you are a community of people i've never met face to face but you mean such a lot to me!

Renewal mmmmmm I love the idea of being able to renew particular aspects of my life regularly.I have just got back from a brisk walk and i'm renewing my comittment to my evening yoga ..the energy is moving but sooooo slowly.

I wish to renew my committment to my goals for this new year... I'd like to 'renew' this whenever i loose focus ...'re snare' the energy and 're harness' the enthusiasm i had for the goals when i made them...revisit them and look again and feel positive about slow progress.What a fantastic prospect of being able to renew my comittment to making them work rather than feeling i'm loosing them.....I'm watching the moon and thinking about how my energy might flow with the moons phases .........i'll move toward them .... renewal seems so necessary not just yearly but at such regular intervals so as to be able to hold sight of those dreams.

Dreams with wishes.....'i am committed' thankyouuuuu

More than wishes renewal actions..........

  • staying creative every day no matter how small sometimes simply looking at what i've physically created and reflecting on it's design.
  • keeping moving everyday walking, standing outside taking a breath of fresh air feeling alive.
  • waking up! yes the goal is to get up early i'm having to set my alarm and practice getting up as soon as there is that shift in light is only just a succinct shift and 7.00 a.m is all i am managing at the moment i'll get there...
  • evening yoga even just a little before i step into's great just have to have increased awareness of the benefits and it will be part of my routine.
  • weekend morning yoga's great and makes such a difference.
  • my plan is still there for my keepsaking workshops and i am progressing slowly with it-resources have arrived and i've mapped out a taster session and i'm sharing my ideas with friends.
  • february invites for a crafty openday session have gone out to my luvly crafting buddies who joined in the fun last time.

Moon phases - waxing phase at the moment keep the planning going

The Four Phases of the Moon waxing, full, waning, and new –
The first phase: waxing moon: beginning of a new cycle; development and growth; new opportunities.
Lesson: to invoke – knowing.
wishes around health and personal issues; put plans into action for the month ahead.

The second phase: full moon: the moon is full and ripe; a very fertile time, but care is needed as the energies are very powerful.
Lesson: to expand – manifesting.
wishes around: incense and expansion in your day-to-day affairs; a good time for personal power and magnetism.

The third phase: waning moon: the moon’s power is decreasing; release and letting go.
Lesson: to let go – courage.
wishing around letting go of the past; a powerful healing time. It is also time for insights and increasing psychic power.

The fourth phase: new moonWind: the moon disappears; time for retreat and withdrawal; recharging energies before the new cycle begins.
Lesson: to learn – to keep silence.
Wishing around: gaining wisdom, understanding and insight. This time is best spent in contemplation, meditation and preparation, or seeking guidance.

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