Saturday, 1 January 2011

vision board for 2011

I enjoyed putting this together...i slipped in a few small photo's of my scrapbooking when i used to scrapbook crosslegged on the floor with melu looking showing my second hand table which revolutionised my scrapbooking ! one of us gals altogether in the summer when i had a series of sessions inviting others to come along and join in the fun and the other taken by Chel when i was in mid production of some of the commissioned albums which seemed to take off in 2010.Lifestory work and how to involve myself in facilitating other's in telling or expressing their life story something i wish to explore in 2011.
My six word resolution Dream, live , inspire and be inspired...


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. I am looking forward to all that we are exploring - seeing the journey and the results.

  2. Wonderful images! The way you created the shape of a head...and all that resides an idea I might try in the future! (so you have already inspired me!)

    Thank you for connecting with us:) I will share your post with others in our face-to-face that they can see how we are all connecting!