Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

Autumn......what a beautiful season .... I've comitted myself to a 15 minute walk everyday during my break time at work and i am lucky enough to have a walk through the park nearby where the glorious colours of autumn can be enjoyed...autumn is the most beautiful time of year for walking,taking time,going a little slower... and enjoying nature.I am on a journey of 'self care'! so with this in mind my wish for the fall is to take my time,pace myself,and continue to walk every day enjoying this glorious season .... emptying my mind just for 15 mins of the responsibilities ,planning, and thoughts relating to the stress of life....mmmm this is my wish...
Wishcasting early allows me to take the positivity of my wish through the day with me and check in later around how it felt..i love wishcasting wednesdays.x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Equinox

I love the seasons and have an affinity for traditions and rituals around the seasons ....last weekend i started a set of cards that had an end of summer feel to them and i also completed an album that i spent time layering pages with paint and stencils all my album making has been around the seasons for a few week.....autumn is here a beautiful season where i want to walk and walk and walk as the trees have a glorious coppers,reds and browns adorning them and there's something deep about the season that makes you want to just sit and think rather than beaver away!I must post some piccies soon on my sister blog spot of the albums and get my Etsy shop up and running...a little health glitch has caused me to slow down drammatically (alongside the pressures i have felt at work)...i will have to carry on going slow for sometime as i get used to some medis to pep me up and get the ole thyroid functioning as it should.

Imbolc February 4


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Lughnasad August 7


9/22 September
Samhain November 7

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kate Rusby 23/9/11

Oh waht a lovely night i st n let a few trickles of smiley tears out and jigged in my seat....shear delight and emotion to Kate Rusby's angelic voice and down earthness of a rue yorkshire lass....She sang under neath the stars as an encore it was soooooo beautiful and a song i'd not heard before called 'Sungraze' i'm desperate to hear it again!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

It is so long since i last visited wishcasting it became a 'ritual of positivity' in my life so with that in mind i am joining in and hope to wishcast weekly as did last year...........

Jamie asks ...What do you wish to immerse yourself in............... I wish to immerse myself in 'laughter'.....'giggles' and eventually 'self care' and positivity.

This week is already a hard week at work and i wish it did not take over my whole life so...today i worked yet another long long ,what felt like over worked day, trying to meet the expectations of 'the service'....my nerves are frazzled and I could feel so hopeless about ever being able to have any work life balance and yet the organisations publicity are devoting a week to celebrating work life balance and someone somewhere is achieving it !or why else would they be giving time to it! as i do not lend myself to the monster of cynicism or blaming of others i again find myself 'feeling depressed' at the prospect of having to take full responsibility for the fact it is 'I' who choose to work so hard (that is what the organisation says)It is 'I' that chooses not to take lunch breaks and it is 'I' that chooses to work late to complete the job and it is 'I' that is more than aware of the disciplinary procedures that will be the consequence of not achieving what the organisation says must be achieved ...'rock and a hard place' is an underestimation of how distressing this feels....... Although i soo loved what one of the girls said today at work at our team meeting in amongst all the serious stuff ...(ohhh i'm soo grateful for the laughs we manage to have when we actually have time to breathe)
I find that when things are really as uncontrollable,confusing and exhaustingly crazy as this laughter is the thing that gets you through the day........

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on TED.com#.TnC7ggkGY5I.facebook

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability Video on TED.com#.TnC7ggkGY5I.facebook

Vulnerability......... i want to explore this some more..being vulnerable means tears will be shed, heartache will be felt,voices will be raised, dialogue will be had...it offers the opportunity for living ones life authentically it opens your eyes to pain, injustice, suffering and also allows one to see beauty, feel joy and deep love....... i am vulnerable and i am enough x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

smilebox time to remember our time on Cote D'azure

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A Little 'Arty' Adventure

An intense but enjoyable few days on the Cote d'azure.......were a tree hug came in handy to escape the hustle bustle and intensity of our escapades.... Whilst i was here a sought a little sanctuary in my sketch book and discovering some french artists i can't wait to be inspired by!
Nicolette Ceccoli , Adolie Day, Mijn Shatje, Mila (Bohumila Gablasova)
and Gaelle Boissonnard