Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

I wish healing for the world and to heal the world there are a whole host of wishes for things that i feel would help heal this world... these simple things are at top of my list..
Forgiveness,Fairness, Equity, Love and support, dialogue between nations,sharing of wealth,relief from poverty,kindness, time to listen,negotiate, work in partnership to find solutions,protection for the vulnerable,respecting of nature, improvements to the health and wellbeing of all kind....
I then feel as if i would like a list of things i'd like to see humankind doing less of ! but i am going to stay with the what i would like to see in the world and really put it out there as positive energy into the universe.....the world is beautiful and everything in it really matters! I wish to live my life embracing principles that might help heal this world.

'Be the change you want to see in the world'


  1. Its all about healing absolutely! : )

    As you wish for the world , I wish with you also

  2. As you wish for the world, so I wish with you also.

  3. All wonderful wishes! As you wish for yourself (and the world), so I truly wish for you also!

  4. As you wish for yourself & the world, so I wish!

  5. Beautiful, i love saying the Gayatri Mantra its calming and uplifting.
    As you wish for the world, so i wish for you also.

  6. as you wish for yourself, darlin', so do I wish for you also. <3