Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Holding onto intention made in my journal pages

....i have filled this page with thought around intention.....beautiful thoughts and sleeping have been a feature of my week.....today i need to remind myself of that as it 'wicked wednesday' and i am up early after not as much sleep as id hoped but hey monday night i had plenty....im choosing to let go of an issue im "not that happy' about but am torn between raising it for some clarification and just letting go of the confusion,suspicion and initial upset as it kind of worked out ok although did cause 2 of us some stress and a very busy day...alongside some serendipity,calmness in a little chaos and well hey not a bad day at all really..some stress is a 'given' . I could worry that it is the fear of the drama i might start by asking that is stopping me but on this occassion my mature head says it really isnt worth it unless it happens again..... and today there is always potential for drama....so i will fit in my walk around the block , be compassionate toward myself to get some head space and choose how i respond from a grounded and centred place ..thankyou x

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