Friday, 2 August 2013

Blogalong Day 2 - Reflections Revised

I will be joining in with Effy's blogalong I will save my rambling thoughts for my journal but I will try to share the reflections on it for my blogging. I will share the art I create as it is through this arting that I process a lot of my thoughts and feelings.......I can already feel a journal page coming on for B.O.D in relation to letting go of the fears I have about returning to work and trying to take with me some of the anxiety free, calm, level headedness I've come to recognise as my reality when I am at home, meeting up with people I love and who'm love me and sleeping ...really sleeping and focusing on self care..I've revised this post with the intention of continuing this into at least the next 2 weeks before my next week off what a fab month i have planned from August into September..........thankyou universe x

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