Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 15...........

I'm haven't been sharing my daily blog entries in the Glitterhood group but am going to... maybe today and am still keeping going with them ... It's ncie to be well and truly on land... no seafaring as it is the glorious weekend and was my day off yesterday ...I enjoyed some gorgeous flow yoga yesterday although I am still not sleeping well I am optimistic it'll get better...I am clutching at straws as to why I'm sooo very restless ...full moon perhaps? hormones? but am taking some herbal remedies and am promising myself early nights so as I get the rest I need...OOOh I baked today and plan to bake tomorrow I find it really grounding n lovely to do.... brings such a lot of joy........also have finished off a couple of sweet little projects and added more backgrounds and journal pages to my BOD so the energy is going somewhere loving upcycling postcards into journal covers and using stitched bindings to create some A4 cuties photo's are here. I am also sooo blessed to have recieved som lovely kind words and gratitude from some of the lovelies at's such a lovely little sanctuary in these chaotic days such a special place to practice Yoga ..Thankyou I am blessed x

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