Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day ? and art journal update

An interesting few pages which evolved and lead to some deeper insights over a few days....art journalling is sooo good at allowing that to happen for me...yes its therapeutic but its also evolutionary....i particularly loved creating the sunflower spread...why because it took me back to my childhood rolling bits of tissue  for the inside of the sunflower...and ive been fascinated with my sunflowers growing outside..only today i ran my fingers over the drying centres releasing the pods to see the beautiful seeds underneath....theres a Rumi quote i need to find and add about love and the soul blossoming am sure i have it on pinintrest and i plan to add it to that spread. I may find myself adding more to my other spreads as i continue to focus on thoughts coming from the source of a loving connected wave and having increased awareness of when theres more particle n potential stress response creeping in with those lizard voices! thankyou Gill Edwards  x

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