Monday, 19 August 2013

day 16 and 17

My day 16 of the weekend was amazing just the right amount of get up n go with a scrumptious measure of nurture and joy....Today I returned to sea feeling well ....aside perhaps some expected apprehension regarding how the day might go.... after being off poorly for a couple of days last week.I pulled in as much as I could of my nets full of debris that no other crew member could touch because their nets were too full....Choppy waters and a bit of piracy were navigated and I had a window of calm sea and I pulled into a little cove of beauty and got to bathe and soak in its magic with a beautiful wise mermaid.....thankyou wise mermaid you've guided me through trecherous waters over the years ....she gave me a beautiful amethyst crystal to take with me on my travels and absorb some of the rough so as I can see the smooth...a day where I felt the love xxxxx

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