Wednesday, 7 August 2013

day 7 Sea Fearing News

Wicked n Windy Wednesday........ I've learnt to always do a 'feelings check' in on Wednesdays informed by good ole NVC it helps me make sense of what takes place ... enabling me 'not' to take what is said personally....... the bubble wall had a little wobble but still intact only 2 days to go to the weekend.
In sea fearing terms.... I was 'part' of the crew sat around the captains table were alliances and agendas are visible and my responsibility is to stand my ground only when I 'really' need to and otherwise simply listen to the healthy and lively debate. I didn't have to walk the plank today although I am suspicious that a potential dunking at sometime may be on the cards .....however I have a good Life Jacket and although might have to take on water for while ...won't drown.So navigating the 'next leg' on choppy waters and time is of the essence as usual...but made it home eventually to my little lighthouse of love..

p.s.I am reminded to take some steps for self care during the day as those intentions were there at the beginning of the week but have disappeared ...and I can feel the 'need'  x

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