Monday, 3 November 2014

Turbulent Tuesday

ok so back to the stormin' today at glorious work....have a chocolate parcel to send to Mel and my Rachel Joyce book to take and I intend not to work through my dinner hour ....yep i am there again I must be workin' around a ten hour day with these new working hours and I'm fed up that was not my understanding if it or the organisations !....and am up at crack of dawn because that's my routine at the moment to try to grab some sanity out of the day with a bit of meditation and some lovely stretchy Yoga....thankyou Kula without your little sanctuary I wouldn't have the 'where with all' to know that's a key strategy to calming the anxiety that comes with high winds n rough seas and the odd barkin' sea dog ah arr Jim Lad! So I seem to be out of that sad and rather exhausted  reaction I often experience with 'change'  the necessary stage where I actually then seem to move onto planning to regain some control of the day, question why I am sooo fearful and forgive myself for the odd verbal altrication with the sea dogs that are very good at getting their needs met whilst my needs go flouncing out to sea with the debris of the ship wreck.. in the storm.....I notice a lot and I'm stormin' tooo so its ok although worrying about my behaviour perhaps means I might need to address it!... I am watchin' a cool crisp dawn break the birds are singing  and the smooth waft of some yummy sunrise incense is warming my soul ....'MY REALITY' and the rest if the day just a performance and game! My alarm has just gone sooo time to get mi life jacket wellies n love n laugh xxxx

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