Tuesday, 25 November 2014

show n tell art journal pages

Well a busy weekend that was... lots of joyous energy...where I am proud to say i managed to stay centred probably until yesterday when tiredness n trigger conversation with mum caused a little splurge of irritation n annoyance better known as good old anger!  my angry rebellious child surfaced momentarily to protect my wee frightened inner babe before being soothed by a little creative time this morning ... the good ole drama triangle pulls me in once again... but not for long.... fleeting feelings needing to be acknowledged and processed .... dealing with high as a kiteness energy and the 'new shiny expectation' n imaginings the weekend seems to have presented to my lovely mum and her forgetfullness that I am her daughter also and that the stuff my lovely sis went through as a child is ditto for me! ..... it was hard to feel I could hold that space for her when i felt the churning in my chest n gut of past pain tempered only with the relief and gratitude to the counselling n courage I know has led in some way to my healing and accepting it .. nursing my wee hurt little inner child and trying to present an adult self was challenging but hey I did OK n ok is good enough "i choose unconditional love n hope over pain n expectation" ... grateful, loved n supported thankyou universe x

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