Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gratitude Sunday moving into 'Intention for Monday'

So today i'm filled with gratitude once again...a lovely feeling that comes about from my reflecting on all the positive things in this life and in the people around me...I checked out Effy's blog and explored some of her resources(you are an amazing inspirer Effy!)and this site led me to the focusing on some intention for next's going to be a challenging week energy wise as it is my first 5 day week for some time...but i've 'sheila' and some acupuncture to buffer my physical and emotional energy for the week and am sooo grateful for that as it gives me a confidence i can do it without an emotional meltdown response to difficult interactional happennings with certain folks or if any of my buttons are pressed to hard!I am really tolerant so when i say TOO HARD it really is usually in the case of an opinion needing to be expressed so as i am respecting myself professionally and art journalling and setting some intention is key for me today in my book of days!


  1. Good morning,
    Really enjoyed your 'Intention for Monday'.
    I am wondering about acupuncture & how it affects your emotional energy. I have fibro + + + & I am looking for any help or support I can find.

    Thank you for this site.
    Judy ( Solo )

    1. Hi there Thankyou for your was a surprise to see someone had commented.I can say that acupuncture has improved my health phenominally and would recommend that you find a qualified practitioner and give it a go.I do not have any expertise in the skill of acupuncture but am lucky to have had nearly a year of it now due to a local university's student training program.I have it every 2 -3 weeks since being diagnosed as hypothyroid.It can be very expensive but i would urge anyone requiring an energy lift and healing to try it.I do not know a lot about fibro but understand it can be very debilitating emotionally and physically.I still feel fatigued with my disorder and know when i am ready for some acupuncture it has become a way of managing my fluctuating enegy levels.I also found more recently that seeing a good herbalist and taking a herbal recipe has enabled me to tolerate my thyroxine and feel an improvement, again it is important to find a qualified practitioner.Please feel free to get in touch again.I am away for a couple of weeks now but hope this might be a little useful,take care of yourself x

  2. So much love to you, Caz. <3