Monday, 8 August 2011

Water Page EOAJ

As I created my page i remember the wise guidance from Sheila fact for a moment i thought i needed her guidance again ...i remember this lovely piece about whirlpools and do you know it made so much sense to me ... I simply went down and stayed still enough to slip out at the bottom... aways a little scary on the way down but hey....i also remember my mums heart felt words of 'It will pass'..things can feel so raw so intense but 'they do pass'.

In rivers, particularly when they are flooded, in the rains,
many whirlpools are created, very powerful and strong.
The water moves round and round like a screw.
If you are caught in it,you will be forced,
pulled towards the bottom,and the deeper you go the stronger the whirl becomes.
The natural tendancy of the ego is to fight with it.Of course because it looks like death,
and the ego is very much afraid of death.
The ego tries to fight with the whirl,
and if you fight with the whirl in a flooded river,
or near a water fall where many whirls exist you are lost,
because the whirl is very strong,you cannot fight with it.
Violence won't do-
the more you fight with it the weaker you become
because the whirl keeps on pulling you,and you are fighting.
With each effort to fight you are losing energy.Soon you will be tired and the whirl will suck you downwards.
And this is the phenomenon of the whirl:
on the surface the whirl is big:the deeper you go the smaller and smaller the whirl becomes-
stronger but smaller.
and nearly at the bottom the whirl is sooo small
You can simply get out of it with no fight.
In fact the whirl itself throws you out, near the bottom.
But you have to wait for the bottom.
If you start fighting on the surface you are done,
you cannot survive.
Source: The Grass GrowsBy itself: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

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