Wednesday, 24 August 2011

EOAJ Spirit Week - progress so far

It is the final guided week for Elements ....although self guided study continues and Jeanette House is available to those self studying....sooo pretty tempting to stay on....I have really enjoyed elements it's been a super journey....I have moved from passivity to a more energetic state...and some pretty great things have happened along the way.I think alongside 'my' changing 'my life' is going to change too! For this week I wanted to create pages underpinned by 'beloved angels', Michael, Chamuel, and Hadraniel .However, the quest was on to find a goddess or saint that embodied these angelic qualities for me right now. I connect with irish celtic roots...i am told there are irish family roots on my paternal side but i cannot be sure about these as my grandparents left very little 'story'.... however, I came across 'Brighid' and loved her resilience and qualities and with her in mind I created my page goddess to embody the quality i most want to see in myself, that of confidence...not human confidence from the 'ego self' but a 'divine' confidence, allowing me to express my truth when i need to, live an authentic life and accept myself and who i am ...... I loved creating this page ....the colours are not those i would usually choose to representive spirit..i tend to thinkof transparent purples, hazy/ fluffy finishes and white but my Brighid had gleaming green eyes and a ruby red flurry of hair in celtic styled knots...she is surounded by birds perching and in flight...they are free and she has an air of calm confidence about her I adore....i wish to add a mirror element to the page as i loved the idea of seeing oneself in the page mosaic mirror pieces are on their way and i'll be sticking them in my page shortly until then here she is............

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