Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday - how do you wish to transform

I wish to 'transform' what i do in my life to be artful,expressive and enable me to give out good stuff to others .... I've had a sad reminder of how precious life is and how important memories can be...a dear friend of mine is critically ill and she is sooo very much at the forefront of my mind.. she will be for a long time.., as this journey of healing for her is likley to be a very long one and even when she breathes for herself she may never be the person she was prior to what has happenned to her..
I visited another wishcasters blog today and found their activity quite insightful... it made me look at what has enabled transformation in my past ... ARTING, CREATING and EXPRESSING MYSELF feature very much in the healing and joyful times of my life it has been sooo important in my decision making and tranformation in the past...having something to embody the feelings,thoughts and energies i have is important and 'arting' allows an 'outlet',a therapeutic environment,if you like... it gives time for connection with my inner child,my deep spiritual and soulful self and it does allow me to heal anything that needs to seems to help me process life and this usually fills me up again with positive joyful energy enabling me to go out there and give out the 'good stuff'....

I wish to transform my life into an 'artful,expressive and spiritual life'so as i can give out all that is needed to the universe and others.

Thankyou Jamie and the wishcasting community

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