Friday, 28 December 2012

choosing my word for 2013

I am choosing a word for 2013 ....and i would like it to be incubation or incubating.I had a giggle about this with 40 and some 50 plus girlfriends last night as they highlighted that if it were incubate it would have to be 'without the eggs'...we laughed...and i got thinking in a nice way about the desire in a woman to continue to create...even potentially after her childbearing made me 'smile in my heart' to think that i could still create something beautiful and 'living' through art and i do.... in the flow i'm at my most creative connected to spirit and delving deep in my soul both valuable and quite differently experienced by myself..... I'll embody this in my art journal as i've a lovely double page i've been waiting to add the words to and INCUBATE is my word for 2013.

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