Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lists and a little intention

I want to spend my days off in a soft gentle way with a little focus on being productive so i am no longer resisting the 'ominous' activity of list making and i'm taking a few ideas around preventing attention splatter...... Over the weekend i'd like to repurpose a couple of jars 'simply' for positives and for stuff 'i want to let go of'........... i would have liked to do it at work but suspect it might not have really been supported or understood.......and so i'm even more determined to do it at home and have a bit of fun with it in my journal........ ...and i'd like to create a page in my journal with the theme of (Don't Throw Your Pearls Before The Swines)......
Tomorrow a main focus is to get my plan for a commissioned album emailed to Tori. That's my one thing for tomorrow the rest is open but will include some or maybe all of the below.... -A walk in the snow and some photo taking -Yoga session at Kula -Sort out some money matters for student accommodation being paid... -Actually having a lunch break and eating food slowly not bolting it down and running around like a banshee..... Snuggling up in my onesie which until you've experienced it you cannot be snobby about it...there is something real nice about relaxing in an adult sized baby grow! yep 4 days of BLISS....away from the that place that feels heavy and loaded with stress...need a little Byron Katie to gain some perspective.

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