Sunday, 10 March 2013

soooo grateful for my sweet life.......

i feel so grateful for having the energy and time to enjoy this sweet life of mine.....i spent time pottering around our soul retreat of the north ...whitby with my mum...she is such a marvellous person i am so proud to have her as my mum.....i love her such a lot and she is a precious part of my life..every moment i spend with her heart warming..funny... and a reminder of this gratitude... reflecting  on loosing dad back in january (18th)1980 often highlights to me how amazing my mum has been.she was a lone parent of teenage girls after been a nurse to dad for many years alongside that she worked fulltime, studied had a life of hr own and was a great motivator and role model. there are a lot of memories not all positive in our lives but if i truly focus on how i feel now this is my truth.....thankyou my life is rich xxxxx

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