Monday, 6 April 2015

A little Mandala play

Loved simple painting on some white stones I picked up from the seaside....still enjoying playing with some celtic designs although they certainly require a bit more focused working rather than the free flow creative energy I love to immerse myself in ....deciding which bit goes over or under....I favour the swirly spiral ones  but fell in love with triskele design kinda liked the two parts to it and didn't get to lost! they've featured in all my journal pages...A sunny blessed weekend where a simple life proves to be the best listening to a some African vibes ( Daby Toure, cheikh lo, geoff Oramayo, papa wembe and of course youssay!) and enjoying a little creative time to myself after a lovely long walk with my Chel n a sit in the garden in the sunshine with Mel and is sweet and kind ...

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