Friday, 7 August 2015

GOT THAT FRIDAY FEELIN'....I love my long weekends

Always feeling very grateful for what I have but that's not to say I don't have to acknowledge that passing thoughts and feelings that challenge me aren't painful or potentially damaging to a here and now kind of optimism I'm holding's useful to reflect on it but not dwell on every thought and feeling ... The weekend is always welcome and I'm awash with energy after a little blip, an increase in thyroxine and iron and the boundless giddiness that comes from my 'don't walk dance' mind set at the moment ! Feeling as if I want to grab a hold of this time when energies run high bop my socks off walk in the sunshine....or the drizzle  ( we do get a lot of that!)
Things are going o.k. (I'm not dwelling on the not so o.k), mum's recovering, I've a round a week off work each month until November,and I've a birthday tea part planned for celebrating being 50.... Just a little redirection in regards to finding the calm in the highness needed! and reconnecting creatively and at kula as I miss them and being in the flow in a peaceful way....

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