Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Butterfly......

Meandered through the park in my lunch break and sat down to breathe and soak up the season......the wind was carrying leaves in gusts and mini avalanches as I sat....the trees were all golden and the sun shone and there was a beautiful brown and red winged butterfly .....she could only be seen when the leaves settled as she didn't settle straight away but fluttered down onto a leaf lying on the floor.It  was only a moment before my attention flitted and I lost sight of her in the medley of leaves....but it was beautiful....The moment reminded me of how nice it is just to sit and be... and have the time to see something as beautiful in a quiet non active way....
This 50th year of mine has been amazing....I had the intention it would be a right of passage for me and did plan to experience an assortment of stuff....I am reminded I've been living at a pretty fast paced rate since my last blip and the amazing energy I've had....I ve achieved soo much and had such a lot of leave .... my cazzy soul feels healed but I don't want to forget what I'm learning on my journey.
-Being in better condition physically is essential for a sense of well being. Routines important to making it a part of every day life this includes strengthening mind and body through yoga and the aerobic zing from a little dance or run.
-Art is a fab way of loosing myself to flow is yoga but my art is all mine and totally non judged and open to whatever I want to do.O.k I love making the odd thing for others but I love documenting my life with art and photos and processing difficult emotions with it ....Art + food + water = essentials of life.
-music is like a vitamin....the right type at the right time or just a dose at the right time is so mood boosting.. body energizing..and especially 'our Jack' as music that expresses a life journey or tells stories feeds my soul.
- work can be toxic...not those we support that feels like a working life with purpose...but the team dynamics, the deadlines and pace of change and uncertainty giving rise to all sorts of folks behaving in all sorts of ways! it can make me poorly emotionally and physically...and I must keep an eye on myself and practice self care. least one a year...although more this year... gives me a sense of confidence and a sense of acceptance of anything that comes my way. also makes me aware of the patterns of behaviour I could do to change but also gives the option for just accepting them as shortcomings. ... (I've loads of those....).... hey little autumn butterfly thank you x

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