Saturday, 27 May 2017

Attending n reflecting on 'humanbeingness'

A lot is happening around us all ....'humanbeingness' in transition gosh its a surreal world at the moment...and will be for a long time I what to do with oneself when potentially feeling sadenned and helpless about the state of the world? The death of children all iver tge world the brainwashing and marginalising if very vulnerable human beings and some of the most powerful blinkered politicians running infecting the worlds wound even more....Focus on the positive? the helpers the artists, musicians and some politicians do get that we cannot put up walls and become silos!  so much sense and love can come through their dialogue...whilst not diregarding the negative ...meditate and let fear and any strong emotions pass ...avoid overanalysing and overidentifying with an awareness of how polarising this can be .... but empathise yes really think what it might be like for all not just the groups and communities we see ourselves as being a part if...meditate and breathe send love out into the world being mindful that loving and healing oneself might be all one can do  sometimes and if we stand together in love perhaps we can start to heal this gaping wound we have in our world in 'humanbeingness' eventually.