Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jamie Ridlers Wishcasting Wednesday

The wonderful Jamie ridler prompts thought again .......What do you wish to shed?

More food for thought here...and i'm late with my wishcasting but have been giving this some thought.I'm not a 'shedder' i'm a real horder it's hard for me to 'let go' i 'think a lot', 'ponder a lot' and couldn't instantly think of anything i'd like to shed...then ...i think about how busy my little head is such a lot of the time... and how i sometimes listen to some of the negative thought a little too much sometimes.I find i have some limiting thoughts and beliefs about myself ... sometimes i rationalise this as i think i am only being realistic ... I make choices in the way i behave ... trying to preserve my energy and not allow it to scatter to much some interactions can be sooo draining and i have a choice do i assert myself, express myself or tap into my higher self.

I'd like to shed some of my long held self limiting beliefs in my everyday work....:

  • That i'm too slow at completing my work .

Yep I'm slower but hey you can afford to be if its to make sure you do it right the first time round'

  • That i do not manage time well.

It isn't the end of the world to be a little late..when you've touched someone's day by giving a little extra.

  • That my opinions are less important than others.

I can choose which opinions i share with others some are mine and mine only.. there's strength in silence sometimes.

  • That i must do what i am told without having an opinion about it.

It's o.k to unpick changes thrust upon you and to challenge gently with a focus on purpose isn't destructive.

  • That i am a 'quirky' outsider

I am a child of the universe deserving of love and a place in the world as much as everyone else.

  • That what i say isn't worth listening to.

Words are only a tiny part of communication so much more is conveyed non verbally and in your actions and the energy you emit to others.

I'm shedding my self limiting beliefs now........................


  1. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  2. Carol - Thanks for stopping by the mountain mermaid. I think age rebellion is a small part of shedding limiting beliefs...and I love the way you wrote about all of yours. I'm glad you'll join me on the age rebellion, too.

    Oh yes - and I really enjoyed Sheryl Crow's song-video that goes along with your is sooo fitting, too.

    I love the idea of two sister blogs...having one just for your creative endeavors and one that is more personal - in a different way.

    As Carol wishes for herself, I wish also for her!